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10 Tips to Help you Sleep Better During Pregnancy

Many mums-to-be struggle to fall to sleep and stay asleep during pregnancy.  As your body changes, the hormones go into overdrive and the little person inside you grows, it can definitely lead to you staring at the ceiling and desperately counting sheep.  I remember experiencing insomnia to some extent during my pregnancy.  I would also wake through the night either because I was hungry or uncomfortable.  So I thought I would compile a list of items and suggestions to help you sleep better during pregnancy.
Sleep Better During Pregnancy
Squad Goals – 2 Days after Mackenzie was Born

1. Herbal Tea – Hottea Mama

Sleep Better During Pregnancy

Night Owl by Hottea Mama is the perfect herbal tea to calm the body and aid sleep during pregnancy.  Each tea bag contains a beautiful blend of camomile, rooibos, limeflowers, valerian and lavender. This tea is perfect in all stages of pregnancy, especially if you are experiencing pregnancy insomnia and night wakings. I was not fortunate enough to know of this brand during my pregnancy, however I love the different pregnancy teas they offer followed with essential blends to survive the next phase, motherhood!

2. Essential Oils – The Cle Collective

Sleep by The Cle Collective is a wonderful natural alternative to counting sheep.  Perfectly safe during pregnancy, this essential oils blend will assist with relaxing the mind and body whilst encouraging a deep sleep.  An amethyst gemstone roller ball, chosen specifically for its healing energies, will let you easily apply this oil which contains ingredients such as lavender and sandalwood.  I have been using several different blends from The Collective Collective on myself and Mackenzie and I love these natural alternatives to alleviate some of our everyday woes.

3. Pillow Spray

I have been using a pillow spray for years because I love the smell and it always reminds me of being on holidays in Singapore (the hotel must have used similar smelling oils / candles in their lobby).  Whether it is a placebo effect or not, I definitely think it is worth trying to help aid sleep better during pregnancy.  Here are two pillow spray options to help you rest easy:

4. Mama Mio Sleep Easy Kit

Sleep Better During PregnancyI swore by the Mama Mio product range whilst I was pregnant and still credit the Tummy Rub Oil to one of the reasons that I didn’t gain any stretch marks (see ‘5 Products to Prevent Stretch Marks‘).  This Sleep Easy Kit by Mama Mio looks like the perfect combination to de-stress after your day and ease yourself into a deep slumber with a bath & shower oil, the tummy rub butter and a pillow spray.

5. Pregnancy Yoga / Pilates

I have previously discussed the benefits of ‘Pilates during pregnancy‘.  Unfortunately I was unable to find a Pregnancy Pilates class in York when I arrived here at 20 weeks pregnant, so I joined a pregnancy specific yoga class instead.  I would always fall asleep during final relaxation and those nights would be my best sleep of the week.  Not to mention that I made some beautiful friends and we now get to watch all of our babies grow up together.  If you can’t get to a class then perhaps go for a gentle walk in the evening – the fresh air and exercise will do you the world of good and should help you get a better sleep each night.

6. Read Before Bed

Pregnancy BookReading always seems to make me sleepy and shuts down my brain from thinking about ‘all the things‘.  If you would like to read some pregnancy related books, I would recommend ‘How to Grow a Baby and Push It Out by Clemmie Hooper (UK based mums) and ‘The Baby Bible‘ by Rebecca Judd (Australia based mums).

7. Heat Pack

Pregnancy can cause lots of aches and pains, and I personally found a heat pack to be my best friend during those 9 months.  Most evenings I would have a heat pack on my lower back to help ease any stiffness or pain, which then aided in me getting a better nights sleep.  It goes without saying that you should be careful not to make it too hot, and also not place it on your belly.  These WheatyBag heat packs would do the trick, and have the option of being scented with lavender which would help to relax the body further.

8. Comfy Bed Clothes

Sounds pretty obvious, right?  However your body changes quickly during pregnancy and as your belly and boobs swell, it is likely you will not want any restrictive clothing when you jump into bed.  My fave thing to sleep in was a loose bed shirt that I had purchased pre-pregnancy from Peter Alexander.  Here are a couple of options from my favorite brands (and the button down night-shirt will also be perfect for breastfeeding later on).  Consider buying a size up to allow room for your growing bump.

9. Snacks / Water

I remember raiding the fridge on many occasions in the middle of the night during my pregnancy.  A hot chocolate and biscuit would normally satisfy the hunger, although in hindsight perhaps the sugar content wasn’t the best option whilst trying to sleep.  I recall several mums-to-be mentioning that they would keep snacks on their nightstand.  Either to conquer the midnight hunger or due to them not being able to get out of bed until they had eaten something.  Its safe to say pregnancy takes the term ‘hangry‘ to a whole new level.

10. Pregnancy Pillow

Sleep Better During PregnancyI never used a pregnancy specific pillow but I have known many women whom swear by them.  This Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow & Maternity Pillow (available on Amazon) looks like a great option and receives excellent reviews.  A pregnancy pillow will aid in taking pressure off joints and give you support for your growing bump and back, essentially leading to better sleep during pregnancy.  I particularly like that the cover is washable and that you can use the pillow as a nursing pillow once bub arrives.

Daily naps are essential for coping with pregnancy fatigue, especially for women who have trouble sleeping at night. Besides a comfortable pregnancy pillow, a blackout sleep mask is a handy sleep accessory to have when it’s time of a siesta. Sometimes, curtains aren’t enough to block out light during afternoon naps. I find that wearing an eye mask helps me fall asleep quicker and easier.

Finally, you will likely hear that women should not sleep on their backs during pregnancy.  The National Sleep Foundation advises that the biggest issue with resting on your back during pregnancy is that “it causes your increasingly heavy abdomen and uterus to press down on the major vein that works to return blood from your lower body to your heart. So lying on your back can make you feel lightheaded and dizzy, and also interfere with the delivery of blood and nutrients to the placenta and your growing baby.

Good luck with getting a good night’s sleep during your pregnancy and I hope that my suggestions help to some extent.  Be sure to comment below letting me know which tips you are going to try and whether you have any other suggestions to sleep better during pregnancy.  Sweet dreams, Shell x

Disclaimer: I am not a health or fitness professional and all opinions are based on my own thoughts and experiences.  It is imperative that you seek advice from your doctor, midwife or obstetrician before taking any medications, undertaking any exercise or using products you are unfamiliar with during pregnancy.

This post contains some affiliate links and I receive a commission if you visit a link and buy something on my recommendation. Purchasing via an affiliate link doesn’t cost you any extra, and I only recommend products and services I trust.  All opinions are my own. 


Picture of Shelley Whittaker

Shelley Whittaker

Shelley is the Founder of Wander & Luxe. She is an award nominated blogger and has worked in the travel, motherhood and lifestyle space since 2016. Her mission is to inspire family wanderlust by showing her adventures and sharing her knowledge and know how when travelling with kids. All whilst she tries to conquer motherhood and indulge in life’s little luxuries.

Picture of Shelley Whittaker

Shelley Whittaker

Shelley is the Founder of Wander & Luxe. She is an award nominated blogger and has worked in the travel, motherhood and lifestyle space since 2016. Her mission is to inspire family wanderlust by showing her adventures and sharing her knowledge and know how when travelling with kids. All whilst she tries to conquer motherhood and indulge in life’s little luxuries.

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12 Responses

  1. Sleeping whilst pregnant is hideous! I can remember when I first found out I was having twins I didn’t sleep for days just lying there with random thoughts going through my head like “How am I going to take both to baby groups, how will I manage to take my two year old swimming with two others?” all the important stuff! Come the end (38 weeks with two 7.5lb babies) i was in agony every time I moved. A pregnancy pillow was the best purchase ever! #ItsOK

    1. I am SOOOOOOO impressed that you carried your twins to 38 weeks – I didn’t even make it that far with Mackenzie (and she was less than 7.5lbs). You are my hero! x

    1. Yes I think I slept pretty well too as I was knackered. Be sure to check out Pretty You London – their sleepwear is gorgeous! x

    1. A good nights sleep can make such a difference to your well being, which I am sure you can fully appreciate as a father of 2! Thanks for reading 🙂

    1. I was definitely guilty of having some daytime naps throughout my pregnancy … the perks of working at home at the time! Thanks for reading x

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