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11 Morning Sickness Remedies (that actually work!)

If you are suffering from morning sickness, I bet you will do just about anything for effective morning sickness remedies.  Whilst we understand is all for a good cause, morning sickness is pretty hard to stomach for many pregnant woman.

For the extra lucky ones, you will not only suffer morning sickness but all day sickness (its me, I’m lucky).  Its best compared to an all day hangover, without any of the fun antics from the night before.  You will be nauseous but not necessarily throw up.  You are hungry yet cannot stomach anything.  And all you want to do is TAKE. A. NAP.

Morning Sickness remedies

Sound familiar?  Never fear, there are lots of morning sickness remedies which can help you to feel a lot better.  These treatments will alleviate the morning sickness symptoms which in turn will help to masque your early pregnancy from your friends, family and work colleagues.  From a spritz for nausea to essential oils, there are morning sickness remedies suitable for everyone.  And if all else fails, just complain loudly at the person who got you into this situation.


It is not understood exactly what causes morning sickness.  But with all the hormonal changes as a result of the pregnancy, it is not surprising that you feel so horrendous.  Your body is working overtime and your sense of smell is heightened.  Combine these two things and its only natural that you are feeling a little (or a lot) queasy.


It really differs from person to person.  Symptoms are generally experienced from the early weeks of pregnancy until roughly the end of your first trimester.  Some woman unfortunately complain of feeling ill for their entire pregnancy.  For myself, the symptoms started to subside around the 15-16 week mark.


Try a combination of these 11 morning sickness remedies to help get you through this tough part of your early pregnancy journey.  Fingers crossed, it will be over pretty soon.  Then next steps,  enjoying a happy and healthy pregnancy

#1: Plenty of rest

It probably goes without saying that getting plenty of rest during pregnancy is imperative for your health and your unborn child.  If you are well rested than you are less likely to feel nauseous throughout the day.  Should circumstances permit, a daytime nap can be a lifesaver! If you are struggling to sleep, check out 10 Tips to Help you Sleep Better During Pregnancy for some of my pointers.

#2: Relieve the Heave Spray – My Expert Midwife

This spritz for nausea is new to the market and has been expertly developed by midwives to help you manage the symptoms of morning sickness.  Relieve the Heave contains a gentle blend of the essential oils peppermint, lemon and grapefruit – offering relief and helping you to keep going.  Apply to pulse points or spray into the air and on your bedding.

Morning Sickness Remedies

Relieve the Heave Spray – My Expert Midwife

#3: Healthy Snacks

Personally I found the nausea to be much worse if I was hungry. You may well be craving lots of weird and wonderful things during your pregnancy; however, you are probably best to avoid greasy and spicy foods which will upset your tummy further.  Try to have some healthy snacks within reach at all times, like nuts or dry crackers.

#4: Essential Oils

Essential oils are great as natural morning sickness remedies.  With oils such as peppermint, lavender and ginger they will soothe that sense of queasiness.  Apply to your pressure points or simply breathe them in to take away that nauseous feeling. A few blends you could try from some of our favorite brands:

Morning Sickness Remedies

Morning Essential Oil Blend – The Cle Collective

#5: Keep Hydrated

A very simple recommendation, but if you are anything like me then you may often forgot to drink as much water as you should throughout a day.  Dehydration can make you feel very unwell which will not help with the symptoms of morning sickness.  So make sure you always have some water nearby and keep hydrated at all times (even if it does make you need to pee 100 times a day).

#6: Herbal Teas

A hot cuppa is the go to cure for making anyone feel better, whatever the ailment! Even more so here in the UK.  You will likely want to restrict your caffeine intake whilst pregnant, so a non-caffeinated herbal tea is the perfect way to soothe your tummy and reduce morning sickness.  One of our particular faves which is infused with lemon, mint and ginger is Morning Rescue Herbal Tea by Hottea Mama.

Morning Sickness Remedies

Morning Rescue Herbal Tea by Hottea Mama

#7: Ginger Treats

Ginger is well known for its tummy taming properties and is a natural remedy to help lessen nausea.  You might notice that it is an ingredient in many of the morning sickness remedies in this post.  So I suggest trying ginger biscuits or ginger sweets to help you through the days.

#8: Morning Sickness Bon Bons – Myrtle & Maude

These bon bons are enriched with peppermint oil and Vitamin B6.  Both of which are said to assist in reducing the symptoms of morning sickness.  They have been specially formulated to offer a refreshing relief and a much needed energy boost for queasy days.

Morning Sickness Remedies

Myrtle & Maude – Morning Sickness Bon Bons

#9: Gentle Exercise

I am a big advocate of fresh air and exercise to make yourself feel better (when you are fit and able to do so).  Head out for a gentle walk or sign up to a pregnancy specific class.  I have previously discussed the benefits of Pilates during pregnancy and I also really enjoyed my aqua-natal classes.

#10: Anti Nausea Wrist Bands

These wrist bands use the concepts of ancient Chinese medicine by applying steady pressure on pressure points on the inside of your arms.  This essentially reduces or stops that nauseous feeling.  They are one of the great natural morning sickness remedies available to you.


Morning Sickness Remedies

SwimCell Motion Sickness Wristbands 

#11: Acupuncture Treatment

A traditional Chinese healing art which involves inserting very thin needles into the body.  Just like the wrist bands, it is suggested that acupuncture on the wrists could help to improve morning sickness symptoms.  Whilst many people rave about these therapies, I have never personally tried them.

See your GP if symptoms persists

If symptoms persist and you are feeling very unwell then it might be time for a visit to the GP.  In some cases, severe morning sickness can become dangerous for mum and baby.  When I was pregnant my GP prescribed some medication to assist with the nausea.  I didn’t find it to work particularly well and preferred not to take medication if it wasn’t completely necessary, despite it being deemed safe during pregnancy.

And whilst we all know how unpleasant it is to throw up, it is important to note the colour of your vomit as it could indicate underlying medical conditions of concern. For more information, check out this vomit colour chart guide by the Centre for Gastrointestinal Health.


In recent years we have seen celebrities such as Kate Middleton and Amy Schumer be hospitalized for severe morning sickness.  This is known as hyperemesis gravidarum and involves extreme vomiting.  If you are concerned that this could be something you are suffering from, seek health care from a professional as soon as possible.

Good luck with this early stage of your pregnancy.  I hope you are feeling better soon and that these morning sickness remedies have helped to relieve the heave a little.  Let me know what treatments you found to work best and if there is anything else you would recommend.  Best wishes – Shell x

Disclaimer: I am not a health or fitness professional and all opinions are based on my own thoughts and experiences.  It is imperative that you seek advice from your doctor, midwife or obstetrician before taking any medications or undertaking any exercise during pregnancy.

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morning sickness remedies

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Picture of Shelley Whittaker

Shelley Whittaker

Shelley is the Founder of Wander & Luxe. She is an award nominated blogger and has worked in the travel, motherhood and lifestyle space since 2016. Her mission is to inspire family wanderlust by showing her adventures and sharing her knowledge and know how when travelling with kids. All whilst she tries to conquer motherhood and indulge in life’s little luxuries.

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments! I think I definitely would have tried to spray too 🙂 It was so difficult trying to remain switched on at work in those early days. When I eventually told everyone, they thought I had just been partying too hard over Christmas, ha!

  1. Ah, this takes me back to the morning sickness days, only a few years ago. I practically lived on Go Ahead! bars. Whenever i felt even the slightest bit hungry, i felt sick. Go Agead! bars were a life saver while still working. #KCACOLS

  2. This is so helpful, thankfully I only had mild morning sickness annoyingly at the same point we are often hiding our pregnancy from colleagues. It doesn’t help that it is called morning sickness as too many people assume they will be throwing up when that’s often not the case. Ginger biscuits were the best help for me and lots’ of rest I used to come home and go straight to bed after work in the first trimester with my eldest. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

  3. Morning sickness is like sea sickness and the more you eat, the less sick you feel (unfortunately keeping it down is often a problem). Such a weird thing,..#KCACOLS

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