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6 Reasons You Should Fly Business Class With Your Baby

I have been asked a few times whether you can fly business class with your baby and the simple answer is, hell yes!  Whilst there are some mistakes you can make when travelling with kids, flying business class is not one of them.  You might receive some disapproving looks from your fellow passengers however, the reality is that you are just as entitled as everyone else to fly at the pointy end of the plane with babe in arms should you wish to.
Why you should fly Business Class with a Baby
Emirates A380 Business Class

Flying or travelling in business class with a baby is the best excuse to splash out and upgrade your seats if you can afford it, or if you have air miles to use.  Even more so if you are flying solo with a babyWhilst you might not be sipping champagne and relaxing in your ‘perfect plane outfit‘, there are many reasons why you should fly business class with a baby.  And lets face it, there are so many amazing places to travel with a baby.

If you need some help justifying flying business class with your baby, here are the reasons why I think you should.

Baby Business Class
Emirates First Class with Baby


In the business class cabin there are more hostesses per person compared to the economy cabin.  This means you will be given more attention and provided a higher level service.  And whilst airline staff have generally been fantastic with us when we have traveled with the baby (regardless of which class) the extra special treatment you receive is much appreciated.  More champagne? Yes please!  Extra food ‘for the baby‘? Yes Please!

And someone to hold the baby whilst you go to the loo – that’s worth the price of the business class ticket alone.  Its not until you find yourself traveling alone with a child that you realize how hard some of the basic tasks can be.


Children are required to sit on an adult’s lap until the age of 2 when flying on a plane.  Therefore you do not need to pay for a seat for your baby.  There will generally be an admin fee or taxes which you are required to pay but they are much less than paying for another whole seat.  So whilst you have the luxury of paying less, take that opportunity to fly business class with your baby!

Baby Business Class
Emirates First Class Lounge


Never a truer word that every mama deserves to be treated like a queen after giving birth and caring for a newborn.  New mums deserve a medal after what they have been though or in this instance, a seat upgrade would be truly deserved.


A seamless transition from arrival at the airport to taking your seat on the plane makes your travelling with a baby so much easier.  With a business class ticket you will have priority access at check-in, security and boarding.  Not having to deal with the hoards of people trying to make their way through the airport will take the stress out of the travel.  Therefore hopefully making it a painless and perhaps even enjoyable experience.

Baby Business Class
Emirates First Class Baby Capsule


One of the things I enjoy most about flying business class is the extra room for ALL THE THINGS.  Whilst I always recommend that you travel as light as possible, it doesn’t take much stuff before your seat suddenly feel like utter chaos.  Then add all the things you need when travelling with a baby and you won’t know what to do with yourself.

When it comes to travelling, it can be hard to know what to pack for a baby for the first family holiday.  But my general rule is less is best  – most of the time you can purchase whatever you might need.


Lounge access is one of my fave things about traveling in luxury and generally where your holiday truly starts.  You have done all of the hard work and now you can sit back and relax and enjoy the complimentary food and drinks.  Again, you will have more space and it will be quieter than being out in the main terminals.  You will be able to feed and change your child in peace and comfort and hopefully sneak in a cheeky champagne for yourself before boarding.

So if you have some air miles that you need to use or want to treat yourself, I highly recommend travelling business class with your baby.  All the extra little comforts provided with business class travel make travelling with a baby so much easier.  And I find that as long as you are courteous to other guests and kind to the airline staff, everyone is really accommodating to your needs.  Travelling with your kids is truly the best! Shell x

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18 Responses

    1. Thankfully we have managed to use our points for most of the flights to date … they are starting to run out though – eeeek!

    1. Airport lounges just make the whole travel experience so much more enjoyable don’t you think? Pre-kids we would turn up a few hours before our flight … enjoy the champagne, canapes and watch the planes / world go by, ha!

    1. Long haul with a baby is pretty tough, isn’t it? I go in with the mindset that you have to expect the worst and hope for the best. Although having said that, a restless toddler brings about a whole new set of issues, ha! Safe travels in the future, wherever you decide to go x

    1. It is sooooooooo stressful! And there is just not enough room for all of your stuff. Flying business class on long haul flights has definitely made traveling a lot easier for us … although I do remember a particular flight to Miami which was just awful, and it didn’t matter where we were sitting. C’est la vie.

  1. You certainly have a lot of convincing argument about why flying business class with a baby is a great thing. I’d still be concerned about causing a scene if my baby was crying a lot, but I guess that’s more my own issue. Thanks so much for linking up with #KCACOLS, hope you come again next time! x

    1. I’m still very concerned about my daughter making a scene. When she was tiny I just used to ‘whip the boob out’ at the slightest little cry. These days, I just have to give her my 100% attention even if I am tired and grouchy myself. We have flown a lot with her and I almost always receive compliments from those sitting close to us about how well behaved she is. Whilst it is rarely relaxing with champagne and movies for myself these days, I would still much prefer to travel with her than stay at home. Thanks for commenting xx

    1. Most of the time we have used the points we have accumulated from previous business travel and credit cards 🙂 Or we look out for really good sales. Its can be very expensive to pay for the entire family! Thanks for reading xx

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