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4 Reasons to Love Antique Jewellery

In my mind, there has always been something a little bit special about antique jewellery.  Jewellery can represent many things – from love to protection to a rite of passage.  Or perhaps you simply want to complete the perfect outfit.  Either way, deciding on what jewellery you want to wear is a very personal choice.

With that in mind and in collaboration with Carus Jewellery, below I explore just some of the reasons there are to love antique jewellery.

Antique Jewellery

#1: Sustainability

In the 21st century we are all becoming more environmentally conscious about the ways in which we go about our day to day lives. This generation more than any before us are thinking about where things come from and what happens to our waste.  Sustainability is an ideal which we as a society are striving to achieve by incremental changes to our behaviour and the way we treat the environment.

Thankfully, the fine jewellery industry is a highly regenerative one.  Fine jewellery often becomes family heirlooms which are passed down from generation to generation.  And if they do not remain ‘in vogue‘, they can be easily refashioned into another piece of jewellery with minimum impact on the environment.  Regardless of this, purchasing antique jewellery still goes some way to protecting our environment through the reduction in creating new pieces.

#2: Uniqueness

Purchasing a piece of antique jewellery brings a sense of uniqueness with it.  This is not just something you have purchased from the high street like many other consumers, but it is now individual to you.  Take this gorgeous Swooping Swallows Brooch for example.

antique jewellery

A rich Edwardian piece (dated from 1901-1914) featuring three swallows in mid-flight.  It’s made from 15ct yellow gold and studded with pearls. This brooch will be a stand out piece and will wow when worn with any outfit. A one of a kind brooch like this sounds pretty special to me.

#3: History & Story

With every piece of antique jewellery comes the history and a story behind it.  Sometimes you may be given the background of an item when purchasing it, or perhaps you will be left to use your imagination.  But just think about where this specific piece of jewellery might have been, what it has been witness to and the memory that it represented to someone.  You could get lost in your own daydream conjuring up a tale for your new and rare purchase.

#4: May be More Affordable

Now this may not always ring true, but antique jewellery may be more affordable than purchasing something brand new from a store.  Of course, there are lots of factors which would affect the cost of a piece of jewellery.  However, if you are in the market for something irreplaceable, then it is worthwhile perusing antique stores to see if you can find something truly exceptional.

antique jewellery

I hope I have inspired you with this post to shop some antique jewellery and find the perfect piece for yourself or a loved one.  Antique stores can be a treasure trove of special items, and it is worth taking the time to search for something inimitable.  You never know just what you might find!

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