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The Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Children

Arts and crafts are a go to activity for many parents.  And that is because there are lots of benefits of arts and crafts for children. Not only do they keep children entertained for a couple of hours, they are fun for kids and also provide them with various learning opportunities.

benefits of arts and crafts

This private nursery in Birmingham has put together a list of some of the main benefits of arts and crafts and why you should explore them at home with your kids.

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Great for Kinaesthetic Learners

Arts and crafts are great for children who are kinaesthetic learners.  Those that like to get their hands dirty and engage their senses when doing something. They’ll be able to work with different materials and textures, smell all of the different materials and have some fun in the process.

Strengthens Fine Motor Skills

As your child handles paint brushes, pencils, and even scissors, the small muscles in their hands, wrists and fingers will become stronger.  This will gradually make it easier for them to carry out everyday tasks, like brushing their teeth or using a knife and fork.

Encourages Creativity

Creative activities are a great way to let children express themselves, with no right or wrong answer. After a day of learning, some arts and crafts will provide your child with an opportunity to relax and create whatever their heart desires, without the time constraints they are used to during structured lessons at school.

Sense of Achievement

When a child completes an art project, they have something to feel proud of and will often experience a sense of achievement. This is great for helping them become more confident.  And confidence will go a long way in allowing them to perform well in school, take healthy risks, and build positive relationships.


If you get involved and use arts and crafts as an opportunity to hang out, you will be able to bond with your kids too. What’s more, you will help them learn how to follow instructions and take direction, which is important during their school years and beyond.

We hope this short blog post has helped you to understand some of the important benefits of arts and crafts for children.  Encouraging them to be creative from an early age is really important for their development for lots of reasons, included those listed here.  What is your child’s favorite extra-curricular activity?

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