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Can Adults Ride Electric Scooters?

Is it true – can adults ride electric scooters? Electric scooters are no longer restricted to teenagers or little kids. Today, so many electric scooters are explicitly developed for adults. These electric scooters are fitted with more powerful engines and sturdier construction to accommodate the extra-heavy weight.

can adults ride electric scooters

Electric scooters are not only entertaining to ride but are also quite practical. Join in the excitement, review some of the top rated electric scooters for adults, and get in on the fun.  Its important to note that adults cannot use scooters designed for children. Therefore, before purchasing an electric scooter, there are many factors to consider. Some of these we have detailed for you below.

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Can Adults Ride Electric Scooters?

Scooter Weight

The maximum weight of electric scooters ranges from eleven to a little over thirteen kilograms. You should think about the weight of your e-scooter prior to purchasing, particularly if you plan on carrying it when using public transportation.

Rider Weight

The maximum load or rider weight is the maximum weight capacity of the electric scooter. For most scooters, this restriction runs from 100 to 120 kg. 

When you are shopping for your e-scooter, be sure you’re looking for scooters that can hold your weight. You should not exceed the manufacturer-specified weight limit for reasons of safety.


Electric scooters for adults use hub motors. If your trip is generally level with a few minor inclines, a 250-watt motor should be plenty to get you to your destination.

Consider upgrading to 350 or 500 watts if you reside in a region with bigger slopes. Medium-sized slopes will cause your scooter to slow down even with 500 watts of power. Also, factor in your weight when choosing your scooter – individuals weighing close to 100 kg need a 500-watt motor.


Like a car’s suspension, a suspension enhances the ride quality by absorbing road imperfections. Without it, and particularly if you have hard, airless tyres, you will feel every bump on the road, which can make for an uncomfortable ride.

Spring, hydraulic or air-piston, and rubber suspension are the three most common suspension systems used on electric scooters. The ideal suspensions for scooters will consist of a mix of spring and piston, known as coil-over shocks or coil-over-air shocks. Suspension should be fitted to the front or back wheels. 

Interestingly, many scooters use massive pneumatic tyres instead of suspension to produce dampening effects, and these may provide a more effective suspension than inexpensive spring suspensions.


A good braking system is vital for remaining safe and being in control when riding an electric scooter. Like those on a vehicle or bicycle, the electric scooter is slowed by brakes. There are two types of electric scooter brakes: mechanical and electrical. For safety reasons, many scooters are fitted with a mix of the following brake types.

Foot Brakes

Activating foot brakes by pressing down on the back fender causes the fender to grind against the rear tyre, slowing the vehicle. This brake possesses stopping force but is less effective than drum or disc brakes.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are the most powerful and lightest brakes available. Typically, they are found on high-end commuter and high-performance scooters, although they may also be found on inexpensive commuter scooters of superior quality.

Drum Brakes

Drum brakes are encased inside the wheel hub, need less maintenance than other brakes, and function consistently in wet circumstances.

can adults ride electric scooters

Scooter Tyres

There are two kinds of tyres on e-scooters: solid and pneumatic.

Solid Tyres

There are three types of airless tyres: honeycomb, polymer-filled, and solid. Solid tyres have one advantage over pneumatic tyres because they need almost minimal maintenance. However, when you ride on solid tyres, you’ll feel every knock and might trip over road lines.

Air-filled Pneumatic Tyres

Pneumatic tyres are usually recommended since they provide a higher ride quality (with or without suspension), and their soft rubber works considerably better in poor road conditions. 

Some air-filled tyres include replaceable inner tubes, while others are tubeless. Pneumatic tyres provide superior shock absorption and handling, especially in bad weather.

The disadvantage of pneumatic tyres is that they need more maintenance than airless tyres. Low-pressure pneumatic tyres are susceptible to punctures and must be refilled with air. 

Pneumatic tyres, both with and without tubes, are prevalent in all price categories except the most affordable, where solid tyres are almost universal.

The Bottom Line …

So, can adults ride electric scooters? The simple answer is, yes! There is no doubting the electric scooter’s appeal for adults, which can be attributed to pricing, design, ease of use and that it is good for the environment compared to motor vehicles. Also, not to mention that they are transportable, relatively small, and quite enjoyable to ride. Are you tempted to purchase one for yourself?

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