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15 Beautiful Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day 2021

Mother’s Day 2021 is just a couple of weeks away, and inevitably we will all still be in lockdown in the UK.  Whilst lockdown doesn’t prevent you from buying a thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift, it does make it somewhat more difficult to plan a day of celebrations in the traditional sense.  Or perhaps your mum is far away and you don’t always have the opportunity to spend Mother’s Day and special occasions with her anyway.  Either way, its important to celebrate your mum for Mother’s Day 2021 and show her just how important she is to you.

Mother's Day 2021

With that in mind, I spoke with some fellow UK bloggers to see how they intend to spoil their mums for Mother’s Day 2021 whilst we are in lockdown.  They gave me a wonderful and eclectic list of ideas to creatively celebrate Mother’s Day this year.  I’m sure you can find something to suit your family in this lovely compilation of ideas, so go on and take a look!

15 Beautiful Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day

#1: Personalised Monopoly Board

This Mother’s Day I plan to make my mother a personalised Monopoly board with properties based on the places we have enjoyed visiting together over the years. The railroads will be named after stations where we have caught the train together. The purple streets will be named after our most luxurious travel destinations, with the brown ones named after those times we’ve travelled on a budget but had a good laugh along the way!

We might not be able to play the game together straight away, but it will certainly be something to look forward to for when lockdown ends.

Contributed by Jenni Fielding of Monopoly Land

Mother's Day 2021

#2: Virtual Bake-Off

This Mother’s Day my mum and I are going to do a virtual bake-off together! We’ll get our favourite tunes on, chat, have a cuppa and maybe even some sparkling wine. Then we’ll bake some scones, my grandmother’s recipe,  all before eating the goodies together virtually.

I’m planning on sending mum a parcel before Mother’s Day with lots of different jams and fresh cream so we can make it feel like we’re having a real afternoon tea. It won’t be the same without all the hugs we usually have on Mother’s Day; but this year has taught us to be inventive in the ways we can stay close, from afar.

Contributed by Sarah Hughes of The Good Thing Is Though

#3: Personalised Doorstep Delivery

My mum lives about 30 minutes away but I’ll only be allowed to see her outside for Mother’s Day 2021 – and the Scottish spring weather might not be kind enough for that! So I’m planning to do a doorstep drop-off with a box of little lockdown treats for her. On my list of things to put in are her favourite flowers, scented candles, a new book and magazine, plus some chocolates, plenty of delicious home baking, and handwritten notes and pictures from the grandkids. Just lots of small, thoughtful gifts to let her know we’re thinking of her when we can’t celebrate together this year.

Contributed by Maxine Black of Almost The Weekend

Mother's Day 2021

#4: Family Photo Collage

This year for Mother’s Day, I am going to make a collage of photographs for my Mum. They are very easy to curate and make, and she will appreciate that I have prepared something very special to go up in her living room. I will make sure that there are pictures of all the family in the frame, particularly my little girl and my niece.

My mum has missed both her children and her two granddaughters especially over the last year, but a host of pictures of all of us together will hopefully remind her that we will all be back together again soon!

Contributed by Jo Boyne of A Rose Tinted World

#5: Send Her Flowers

It might be a little cliché, but nothing says I love you like a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers delivered to the door.  Or for something a little more long lasting, why not order a pot plant?  The great thing about ordering flowers, is that you can also add a card, chocolates, champagne or another small gift.  Mum will feel totally spoilt.

Get £10 off your first order from Bloom & Wild with this link.

Mother's Day 2021

#6: Personalised Jigsaw Gift

My Mum loves a jigsaw and her grandchildren do too, so this year I’m combining the two elements for Mother’s Day. There are loads of companies that offer personalised photo jigsaw puzzles.  The jigsaw also has the added benefit of providing entertainment during these times of isolation.

I’m sending the jigsaw as part of a gift hamper with some of my Mum’s favourite treats: coffee, chocolate and flowers – the usual Mother’s Day fare. She’ll also be sure to get the obligatory hand made cards from the kids too!

Contributed by Rachel Day of Children of Wanderlust

#7: Video Call 

My mother and I live in different countries, which makes it difficult to begin with to celebrate Mother’s Day in person.  And now with lockdown, it is impossible. However, I am planning on video calling her with my daughter. I do not have a big activity planned such as cooking dinner or watching a movie together, due to the time difference

But Mother’s Day does not have to be all about grand gestures. Instead, my daughter and I will spend time talking to my mother about what we have been up to and her plans for the day. My mother always appreciates when I video call here and therefore I know it will make her Mother’s Day special.

Contributed by Karalee Shotola of Tales of Belle

Mother's Day 2021

#8: Virtual Dinner Party

In ordinary times, my family celebrate most events by going out for a curry. This time around it isn’t possible, so I arranged the next best thing – enjoying a curry together via video call. We will eat the same food at the same time, making it easier to pretend we are in the same place.

To replicate the full restaurant experience I have ordered ready meals to be sent to each of our houses. I found a fancy looking dine at home package – it will be fun to try something new and gives us something to talk about too.

Contributed by Helen Long of Vegan Family Guide

#9: Socially Distanced Afternoon Tea

Both my mum and mother in law are local to us, so we are going to prepare them an afternoon tea parcel. My children enjoy baking so we will make some scones, cakes, sandwiches and sausage rolls. Then package it up beautifully with teabags, clotted cream and jam to finish it off plus homemade cards.

We’re going to surprise them both with the deliveries on their doorstep. It feels like a really personal thing to be doing and I’m sure it will be really well received.

Contributed by Gemma Hall of Mummy’s Waisted

Mother's Day 2021

#10: Handmade Gifts

For Mother’s Day 2021, I plan on up-cycling a lampshade for both of our mothers. I have a really cool retro style lamp, that I am going to take apart and make more modern for each of them.  I love to give handmade, personalised gifts to our family.

In addition to this, I will send them a lovely afternoon tea each to enjoy at home with us via a video call.

Contributed by Samantha Hicks of Samantha Hicks Interiors 

#11: Virtual Quiz

We have a day of long distanced activities planned for my mum to enjoy this Mother’s Day, including an online quiz with the theme “mothers“.  We will then be renting her favourite film (Mamma Mia), ordering her favourite takeaway and sending her our digital gifts (including gift cards for her favourite retailers and a Mothers Day e-card).

Contributed by Emma Jackson of Bee Money Savvy

Mother's Day 2021

#12: Letter Box Hamper

Everyone loves an unexpected treat through the letterbox, so for Mother’s Day 2021 I’ll be posting a surprise box of treats to my Mum. I discovered Letter Box Hamper which allows you to send a slim customised hamper, beautifully packaged and accompanied by a personal note, through the door.

It can be tricky to order food for my Mum, due to her allergies, so it’s fantastic that I can pick and choose the individual elements that I know she’ll love. I won’t be able to see her in person or give her a hug, so this Mother’s Day it feels more important than ever to show how much I care.

Contributed by Jessica Nelson of Jessica In Your Ear

#13: Go For A Walk Together

If you live close to your mum, and rules permitting, why not meet her for a one-to-one walk and coffee for Mother’s Day 2021.  It might not be quite as special or extravagant as you might usually organise, but time together can be pretty special.  And even more so after a year in and out of lockdowns.

Mother's Day 2021

#14: Dine at Home Box

There are lots of lovely local restaurants doing Mother’s Day hampers, whether that be a gourmet brunch, cakes or a yummy dinner. You could send one to your mum to let her know how much you care. Obviously it’s not the same as being there with her but, it a nice way of showing your Mum you love her.  Plus you are also supporting a local restaurant that has struggled during the lockdowns.

If you can find one that’s local to your Mum and another one that’s local to yourself, you could enjoy it together over a video call!  Or perhaps you could even sign up to a virtual experience, such as a wine and cheese tasting.

Contributed by Sally Allsop of All That Grows

#15: Photo Journal

One great idea for Mother’s Day 2021 is to create a photo journal, capturing the past few months when we have been separated from loved ones. We haven’t been able to see the mother figures in our lives much this year, so providing something long-term, that they can enjoy and look at, has become more important.

Contributed by Jupiter Hadley of Life with Jupiter and Dann

I hope you have found some inspiration in these brilliant ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day 2021 in lockdown.  At the end of the day, as long as your mum knows how much she means to you then that is all that really matters.  Happy Mother’s Day – Shell x

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Mother's Day 2021

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  1. These are lovely ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day in lockdown with. It’s great to have such a varied selection of ideas to pick from – given that the most obvious one of spending time together in person, is likely to not be able to happen just yet. I love giving/sending flowers for Mother’s Day – there’s something so feel good about bringing the outside, in. Thank you for joining us for #mischiefandmemories xx

  2. Some lovely and thoughtful ideas for a socially distanced Mother’s Day. There are lots of local companies offering letterbox or doorstep deliveries and I like supporting small businesses. Thanks for linking up with #MischiefAndMemories

  3. I hope to get #14 – which is mostly all we get to do during lockdown. Maybe I won’t have to cook if I’m lucky! thanks for the fab ideas! #KCACOLS

  4. You have shared some wonderful ideas for Mother’s Day. I also like that you’ve included some great ideas that can be sent in the post. Thank you for joining us for #kcacols and hope to see you next time.

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