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The Best Driving Holidays for Families with Young Children

If you are someone whom is planning driving holidays for families with your little ones in tow, first and foremost, the journey has to be fun. This means that aside from the nice scenery on the road and the occasional stops for ice cream, you also need to include natural wonders and other child-friendly attractions. With that in mind, here are some of the best driving holidays for families with young children.

driving holidays for families

Driving Holidays For Families – The 5 Best Places

#1: Iceland 

Iceland is often overlooked as a destination for family holidays. But given its smorgasbord of breathtaking geographical phenomena, it is, in fact, a wonderful place for a driving holiday with kids. Since you’re here for a driving holiday, the first thing to do is book a car to drive around Iceland easily.

Drive around the Ring Road, which encircles the entire island and it will take you to some of the most famous sights. This driving route will also pass through the beautiful towns of Siglufjordur and Hofsos and impressive natural attractions like the Dettifoss Waterfall, Asbyrgi Canyon, and the Hverfell Volcano.

#2: Italy 

Driving around Italy with your family is a rewarding experience, with its long winding roads, quaint villages, and stunning roadside greenery. You’ll have plenty of city options to visit for your driving holiday in Italy also.

You can rent a mini to drive around Milan. Drive down towards the coast of Liguria, also known as the Italian Riviera. As you drive past Piedmont and Lake Maggiore, make a stop at the wine region of Langhe to indulge in some fine Italian wines. The possibilities are truly endless!

#3: United Arab Emirates 

Whether you are looking to embark on a day of adventure or put your driving skills to the test on sandy dunes, the UAE can make for a wonderful destination for a driving holiday with your family, especially the country’s capital city of Abu Dhabi. In fact, it may be worth scheduling your visit during the F1 grand prix, a prestigious car racing event and a must-see for every car enthusiast.

One of the most popular driving routes from Abu Dhabi is the road going to the beautiful city of Al Ain. As you hit the road, you’ll immediately notice the atmosphere changes from a bustling city to scenic tranquillity. Dubbed the “Garden City”, Al Ain boasts an abundance of beautiful parks, majestic mountains, and natural springs.

#4: The USA 

Road tripping with your kids in the United States offers endless fun. It’s one of the best ways to explore this vast country and visit its famous sites and attractions. What’s more, the US is home to some of the most epic driving routes in the world.

You can drive the scenic Route 66, which will take you to atmospheric little towns. Or drive the Pacific Coast Highway that runs much of the California coastline, offering vast panoramas of craggy clifftops and shimmering ocean.

#5: South Africa

With excellent road infrastructures and scenic routes, South Africa is an ideal destination for a driving holiday with your kids. This vast, diverse country offers a wide range of family-friendly activities, from wildlife spotting to hiking.

Drive from Cape Town towards the Garden Route for spectacular coastal scenery, with plenty of fun activities along the way, such as whale watching, kayaking, and hiking. Or get off the beaten track to discover KwaZulu-Natal, where you can experience some of the country’s best Big Five safaris.

Do you enjoy driving holidays for families? Where in the world would you add to this already impressive list?

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