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5 Gemstones That Will Change Your Life

Everyone likes the look of gemstones for their jewellery but people don’t realise the hidden benefits that can come with certain gems. Not only are these gemstones stones good for you, but they also look great too. Here are some of the best gemstones that you can introduce to your very own collection for jewellery and spiritual needs.


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#1: Jade

Jade is a beautiful green stone that has been used for its good luck properties for years. This stone is best known for its use in Eastern art and is a big part of Asian culture. You may have seen small gemstones shaped like dragons, and there is a good chance that these are made of jade. If you are looking for some good luck, this is the gem for you. You can easily pick up a jade pendant that will give you lashings of good luck and make you look good too.

#2: Opal

If there is one gemstone that is underrated, it is the opal. This gem is formed in silica-rich waters and has a huge range of colours. This Australian Opal Signet Ring worn on your fingers is said to bring about creativity, so this is great for any artists who might be suffering from an inspirational block. There are many different types of opals to choose from but they all look like little fiery stars that have fallen to earth.

#3: Amethyst

If you live in a world of chaos, then you need some Amethyst gemstones in your life. This gem is known for its purple colour and calming properties. It is also known as a relaxing stone – it is said to allow you to rest and give you the energy to tackle the chaos. Thankfully, Amethyst stones are easy to buy and can be found in many different types of jewellery. Amethyst is a popular stone to use in earrings but you can even find it in stunning hair pieces that have the little purple gems within.

#4: Moonstone

Moonstone comes in many different colours but it is possible to get little spheres that are shaped just like a moon! One of the most valuable forms of moonstone is blue moonstone because it is so rare (just like a blue moon). This stone is believed to make women feel powerful. If you have a wish that you would like to come true, it is said that if you whisper it to a piece of moonstone under a new moon, your wish might come true by the next full moon.

#5: Amber

Some people are on the bench about what Amber is but there is no question that it is beautiful. Some people believe that this ancient tree resin is not a real gemstone, but we will leave you to come to your own conclusions. Amber is said to be a great stone to remove negativity from your life. It is also supposed to help your body heal and repair itself. So, if those aches and pains are annoying you, it’s time to grab some amber gems to compliment both your body and your outfit.

We trust this short blog post has helped you to better understand how gemstones can change your life.  Which one would you choose?

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