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5 Tips To Help Lift The Happy Vibes At Home

With our busy lives, it’s so easy for our homes to get neglected. Whether it’s a build up of clutter, or a room simply feeling stale, taking the time to make your space comfortable and welcoming is always a great idea. Now more than ever, it’s important for our homes to make us feel good, so here are five surefire ways to keep up those happy vibes.

happy vibes

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#1: Scents, Scents, Scents

Freshly mown grass, cookies straight out of the oven – a nice smell can instantly put you in a good mood. When it comes to creating a positive atmosphere in your space, it’s no different. There are so many great scents, and each one can promote a slightly different feeling. Scented candles not only smell wonderful, they also generate a calming environment, whilst a vase of newly cut flowers brings a freshness to any room.

Another great option is an essential oil diffuser, which adds instant aromatherapy to your own home by dispersing fine mist through the air. Essential oils not only smell great, but they have health benefits, including stress reduction and aiding sleep.

#2: Invest In Some Indoor Plants

They say that nature is the key to happiness, and indoor plants are proof of that. Including plants in your home decoration is a guaranteed way to make your space look fresh and lift your mood. Not only that, plants help purify the air naturally by releasing oxygen and soaking up carbon dioxide. Plants have so many hidden benefits, it’s impossible to list them all – but there are a few which might surprise you, including improving breathing and overall health, reducing stress and making you feel more comfortable. If you live in a noisy area, they can even help minimise excess sound by muffling noise!

#3: Rearrange Your Furniture

Creating a new energy in a space is a sure way to increase the happy vibes at home. Sometimes something as simple as rearranging the furniture can help make a room feel new and inspiring again. Remember when you moved in and you couldn’t decide where to put the couch? Maybe it’s time to try it the other way! Rearranging a room is a simple and fun way to switch things up – and it’s free!

If you want to go a little further, adding new decorations can also jazz things up. Even a small change can go a long way. Why not try a new piece of art, a different rug or even a feature wall with removable wallpaper? Mirrors also do wonders for a space, making them feel bigger. Keep in mind that too much decoration can also make a room feel cluttered, so if this applies to you, a declutter might be the thing that generates those feel-good vibes.

happy vibes

#4: Think About Colour

We all know that bright colours can leave us with happy vibes, but sometimes too much colour in a room can have the opposite effect. Keeping things neutral (whites, creams, greys) and opting for a splash of colour can be a great way to harness the power of hue. Picture a Turmeric-coloured pillow or a frosted-teal vase. Keep in mind that colours affect everyone differently, so be sure to choose something that speaks to you and never fails to put you in a good mood.

If you want to combine colours, research which combinations work best. If you need inspiration, simply Google the latest colour trends in interior design and you’ll be sure to get some ideas.

#5: Change Up Your Lighting

Lighting is the perfect way to create happy vibes in your house. If you currently rely solely on ceiling lights, it might be time to invest in some lamps. Lamps soften and focus light in different areas of your space, especially perfect for those darker corners. Combine lamps of different heights (floor lamps and table lamps) to take your lighting arrangement to the next level. Alternatively, explore the different neon signs available to you, such as this LED be a badass with a good ass sign, that can add a pop of colour and lighting to your room.

Lamps are also a great solution for houses that don’t have a large amount of natural light. For those that do, you can’t go past a lamp to create ambience once the sun’s gone down. Keep in mind, light bulbs with warm temperatures create a homely, nourishing atmosphere. And of course, when it comes to lighting, never forget the wonders of a humble (scented) candle.

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