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Helping Your Child Prepare for the School Bus

Lots of children catch the school bus every day; it’s no big deal, but it might feel like one at first! Just like many different milestones in a child’s life, riding the bus to school without a parent can feel quite daunting and will take some getting used to. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help your child feel more comfortable with the experience, as explored below by a London private school.

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#1: Practice in Advance

If you know that your child is going to have to catch the school bus without you at some point in the future, it’s important that you practise with them a few times so that they get used to it. They will need to understand what to say to the driver when they get on and what button to press/when to press it when they want to get off. These types of things might seem perfectly straightforward to someone who gets the bus a lot, but a newbie might find it all a little overwhelming.

#2: Teach Them the Rules

Talk to your youngster about the rules of the road and the bus so that they understand what they should and shouldn’t do. For instance, they shouldn’t move around unless the bus is stationary, and they shouldn’t talk to strangers. Ask them if they have any concerns and try to put their mind at rest as best you can. It might help them if you walk to and from the bus stop with them for a few weeks until they get used to it.

#3: Find a Bus Buddy

Get in touch with your child’s teachers and see if you can find out if any of the other students in their year group, or even just at the school in general, also get the same school bus. If that’s the case, they will feel slightly less alone, which will make the experience seem less intimidating. If possible, they might even be able to buddy up with another student so that they have some company during the journeys.

We hope these few simple steps will help prepare your child for catching the school bus.  It can seem like a big step in their lives to becoming more independent, but showing them how and providing some encouragement will hopefully put both you and them at ease.

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