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Top Tips For How To Help A Child Learn A Language

Nowadays, modern foreign languages play an important role in the school curriculum, and they offer a range of benefits to young people.  But as a parent, what is the best way how to help a child learn a language?

Being able to understand and communicate in another language opens up a lot of doors for a person, in terms of their social life, travel opportunities and even career options. However, learning a second language doesn’t always come naturally and parents should try their best to support their children on this journey. There are lots of ways to do so, as explored below by an independent school in London.

how to help a child learn a language

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Create Labels For The Home

Encourage your child to create some labels in the chosen language that they can stick up around the house to help them with everyday vocabulary. Seeing these labels on a regular basis will instil the words to memory and your child will eventually be able to incorporate them into full sentences and conversations.

Flash Cards

Flash cards work in the same way; hold up the card with the foreign word facing your child and the English word facing yourself and ask them to tell you what the word means. Once they get good at this, reverse the side that they can see. If you are unavailable to help them with this, perhaps suggest they invite a study buddy round, as working with someone else might help them stay focused and allow them to retain the information.

Use Modern Technology

Make use of modern technology to help your child with their language comprehension. They could download an app onto their smartphones to help them practise no matter where they are, even if they’re just waiting for a bus or sitting in the car while you grab some groceries. You could also watch a foreign film with English subtitles together or create a playlist of foreign music for your next road trip.

Practice Frequently In Small Doses

When it comes to learning a language, it would be wise to encourage your child to practise little and often. If they revise for two hours each Monday night, they might have forgotten much of what they learnt by the following Monday. On the other hand, half an hour of practise each night will make it easier to remember.

We hope these top tips have helped you to understand ways how to help a child learn a language. Learning a new skill is inevitably easier as a child, and if you provide your kids with the right tools, the opportunities for their futures are endless.

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