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How to Make Science For Kids Fun

Making science for kids fun from a young age will encourage your children to grow up with a keen interest in the subject.  And it is a great way to set them up with a range of potential career options when they’re older. Young people with science-related qualifications could become a Doctor, a Psychologist or an Anthropologist, to name but a few of their options.

But, even if your child is not interested in working in a science related job, science, math and English are compulsory subjects at school until at least the end of their GCSEs.  So, it would be beneficial to them to have some interest in it. Here are some top tips from an independent school in Middlesex to help you raise a science lover.

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#1: Talk About Science At Home

Help your child become more comfortable with science by talking about it frequently around your home. The more they realise how important it is in everyday life, the more of an interest they will likely have in it.

Dinnertime is a great opportunity for you to talk to your child about school and learning, together as a family. You could share some information about a medical breakthrough you read about in the news, or even just talk about how the weather has changed and the trees are starting to change colour.

If a family member has recently recovered from an illness, you could talk about the immune system and how it works to fight off infection.

Next time you go for a drive with your child, ask them if they know what makes the car move.

These are all easy ways to make science for kids seem fun and interesting.

#2: Turn Everyday Experiences Into Learning

As you can see from these examples, science is all around us. It’s something we cannot avoid. With that being said, there are always ways to teach your child new things and turn normal everyday experiences into an opportunity to learn. Perhaps you could head out into the garden and explore nature or even plant your own seeds and watch them grow. These kinds of activities are always great fun for children, which will teach them that science can be enjoyable as well as educational.

#3: Make-Shift Experiments At Home

Water play, baking and make-shift science experiments are other activities you could try at home as a way of helping to make science for kids interesting. Of course, you will need to make sure you all stay safe during these activities. Even board games, like operation, or certain programs on the TV will provide learning opportunities for your child, without them even knowing it.

#4: Ask Their Teachers For Advice

All that being said, don’t be afraid to contact your child’s teachers if you would like some more advice or simply want to learn a little more about the curriculum. Some schools and nurseries may even provide at home learning activities which will help take the guess work out of it for parents!

We hope these few tips have helped you to understand how science for kids can be fun.  An understanding of science is imperative to many life skills and general knowledge, and it may even eventuate into a career for your children in the future.  Making science fun from the outset will make learning about science all that more enjoyable for them.

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