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How to Raise an Inquisitive Child

Are you wondering how to raise an inquisitive child? The phrase “curiosity killed the cat” might be applicable in some circumstances, but generally speaking, curiosity is actually what drives us to learn new things and become more cognisant of things outside of what we’re used to. That’s why it’s important for parents to encourage their child to be more curious and basically foster the inquisitive nature they were born with.

Children who think outside the box and ask lots of questions about the world around them are more likely to perform better in school, because they are willing to open up their minds to new concepts. A prep school in Oxford have prepared the following tips for parents who are curious about how to raise an inquisitive child.

How to raise an inquisitive child

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Mix Up Their Routine Occasionally 

One great way to promote curiosity within your child is to mix up their routine from time to time. Surprise them with a positive experience that they’ll enjoy as a way to stimulate them to think about things in a different light.

It could be a meal you haven’t tried before, inviting a loved one round for tea, or a visit to a new location. Bake a cake together or plant some seeds in the garden.  Try and think of some other activities that you haven’t done together before to keep things fresh and exhilarating.  Its a simple idea but it will get you on the right track for how to raise an inquisitive child.

Ask Them Questions

Encourage your child to ask questions by asking them questions yourself. Pick their brains from time to time with thought provoking questions like:

  • “Where’s your favourite place in the world?” or,
  • “What’s your dream job?”

The more questions you ask, no matter how random, the more likely your child will be to ask questions back.

However, you must be prepared to answer those questions and consider why they are being asked in the first place. For instance, they might ask “Why can’t you come to school with me?”, which is technically their way of letting you know that they want to spend time with you. Knowing the real meaning behind the question will help you form a suitable answer.

Go On Adventures

Make everyday an adventure with the things that you see and do.  There is an entire world out there that your child has likely not seen before, and the most simplest of activities can be an adventure for them.  Try and see things through their eyes, ask them questions and enjoy them experiencing something new.  Going on adventures is just another way as to how to raise an inquisitive child.

We hope these few simple pieces of advice help you on your journey of knowing how to raise an inquisitive child.  One who is constantly curious will enjoy many new experiences and learn such wonderful and varied things in life.  And isn’t that a fantastic way to live!

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