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Klorane Quinine Keratin Strengthening Spray | Product Review

Earlier this year I was asked by Escentual to partake in a 3 month trial of the product, Klorane Quinine Keratin Strengthening Spray.  This spray is a thinning hair treatment said to strengthen hair which has suffered from thinning as a result of things such as stress, seasonal changes and post pregnancy.
Klorane Quinine Keratin Fortifying Spray
Photo Credit – Escentual


Klorane Quinine Keratin Strength Fortifying Spray

The spray contains quinine, keratin, caffeine and vitamins. This combination has been scientifically developed to revitalize the scalp and assist in repairing the hair.  The product has been inspired by the latest methods in micro-nutrition (i.e. small amounts of essential nutrients) to address hair that has become fine, dull and weak.


Unfortunately I have never been blessed by the hair gods, having complained of thin hair my entire life.  And the road to becoming a mother only made this worse!

Once I stopped taking my contraceptive pill, my hair started drastically falling out.  I was horrified and scoured Google to try and find remedies to assist.  The result – a caffeine shampoo marketed at old men, and rosemary infused water.

Whilst I was pregnant my hair was a little better, but that is because during pregnancy you tend not to experience much hair loss.  Turn the clock forward to post pregnancy and my hair loss was the worst I had ever experienced.  I honestly thought that if I were to lose anymore hair, I would be bald.  Even my eyelashes were falling out!  At the 6 month mark post pregnancy, the hair loss returned to a normal / healthy state and ever since I have seen my hair slowly growing back.

Therefore, when Escentual asked me to trial the product, I jumped at the opportunity as I would try absolutely anything to improve the state of my hair. See the results for yourself in the comparison pictures below:



I wash my hair approximately 2-3 times per week and I used the spray after every wash as instructed.  I applied 6-8 pumps all over the scalp, a little on the ends and massaged it into my scalp before styling my hair as usual.  The spray is a 3 month supply, however I still have more than half the bottle remaining.  I don’t feel like I needed to apply anymore to my hair, but perhaps I should have?  As I said, my hair is short and thin so I did not need a lot of product.


  • Easy to use
  • Non-greasy formula
  • Lightly scented with fragrance of green tea, jasmine and peach, so no chemical smell
  • Affordable with proven results
  • Safe during breastfeeding


I have listed below the other products I used whilst trialing the Klorane Spray.  These products have all been part of my hair care routine for the past 12-18 months as they are known for thickening, repairing and strengthening hair.


Would I recommend this product to anyone looking for a thinning hair treatment?  Absolutely!  I am so impressed with the results and I have so much new hair growth.  My hair appears thicker and to have more life and body than it has in years.  And I have to say that I didn’t tell my hair dresser that I had been trailing the product, curious to see whether he would notice.  Out of the blue he commented that my hair seemed so much thicker – I think that is all the evidence you need! In my opinion, you won’t regret the decision to incorporate this hair thinning treatment into your hair care routine.

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