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The Latest Website Trends for 2020/21

Strategies used by businesses to accumulate an online audience have changed drastically over the past few months as a result of increased online trading because of the global pandemic. If you’re a business who is still able to pursue success in these uncertain times, here are some insightful tips for website trends which might help your business in 2020/21.

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Some of the most well-established companies are still reluctant to develop an online presence but have been forced to as a result of shop closures. Whereas start-up businesses who are just beginning to make a name for themselves have seen instant responses from being actively present online. Emerging trends have helped both new and existing businesses to weather the storm the pandemic has caused within trading.

To give you a little guidance as to what is currently popular, here are some of the upcoming website trends which are emerging for the year ahead.


The latest addition in smartphone technology is voice search features such as Siri or Google Assistant. This feature has seen significant improvement in its capability to recognise and show results for specific businesses and answers to the most common questions you have, which can only be answered in the online world. Artificial Intelligence speaker technology is also becoming a more common household feature and its here to stay.

Voice search technology has become a prominent trend amongst Ecommerce businesses because it is highly applicable to businesses which are mobile ready. If your business is run through an app or sees high rates of interest from your local community then make sure you optimise your website or app for voice search.


Responsive web design is still the leading method for new or existing businesses who want to hold the leading market share in their area of business, or location. Applying more attention to your website will ensure you don’t miss a perfectly simple mistake which could be preventing you from holding first place in Googles results page such as mobile and tablet compatibility.

If you’re trading online then be prepared to take over the competition with an Ecommerce site. Websites which are prepared for trading with shopping cart and online payment functions have a better sales conversation rates than sites which ask you to order via email or telephone.


In addition to all of this, Social Media Marketing is also known for its benefits to sales. Social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn have increased company sales forecasts tenfold.  So, having connected social channels linking to your website is highly beneficial.

The prominence of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) appears to be the surviving tactic for businesses operating through 2020. Companies have discovered that opportunities begin online by optimizing their sites from the comfort of their homes.  This can be done by utilising specific keywords, conducting social media campaigns for product/event releases and not to mention redesigning their websites to be more user responsive.


The rise of mobile apps has also become popular amongst businesses who have all of the above in place but still don’t seem to be standing out from the crowd. Brands which deliver and exercise apps are some of the categories which are witnessing a higher usage than ever before because they chose to gravitate to app format. Progressive companies expertly navigated the current climate and mapped their way to success and put in prevention methods for unprecedented obstacles.  Making their services and products available in an app was one of these tactics.

Stockport website design are the perfect partner to help your business to have direction in this confusing crisis. Seek to get the best social media management, responsive web design and SEO from your local digital marketing agencies before its too late.

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