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Mummy Daughter Photo Shoot with Framed by Laurie

Recently Mackenzie and I had the pleasure of participating in a mummy daughter photo shoot in York City Center with the lovely Framed by Laurie.  Laurie was looking for some ‘models‘ for her portfolio and I thought it was an excellent opportunity for Mackenzie and I to have some photographs to help us remember our time in York (and where she was born!).  The results are beautiful and I wanted to share my favorite captures with you all.  They are very special to us and as my husband put it, they have captured ‘every emotion‘ of our little girl.

Mummy Daughter Photo Shoot

Like most mums, I have hundreds of pictures of Mackenzie on my phone but many of them are action shots as she will not sit still for long.  Plus I have very few of her and I together, unless you include a Snapchat selfie with the dog filter.

We started our photo shoot at the York Minster on a very overcast and foggy morning.  Early morning is a great time to capture this beautiful city (have you ready ‘9 Reasons I Love Living in York?) as people do not start to emerge until mid to late morning.  We virtually had the place to ourselves for the first hour and ventured around the Minster and Dean’s Park.  We finished off with some pictures along Stonegate, Little Stonegate and at Stonegate’s Teddy Bear Shop.

I had not met Laurie previously however she was so warm, welcoming and professional in her approach to photographing us.  She let Mackenzie lead the session which bode well for my strong willed and inquisitive toddler.  Laurie made us feel at ease and because of that, we all thoroughly enjoyed the morning.  And when it all started to become a bit too much for Mack, we brought out our secret mum weapons – snacks and bubbles.  Laurie mentioned a few days later that she couldn’t believe how many photos she had taken – a sign that we all had a great time.  Asking toddlers to cooperate in a photo shoot is a tall order, but Laurie nailed it.

This mummy daughter photo shoot collaboration was all made possible through York’s Insta Meet – A group for creative businesses in Yorkshire to meet, collaborate, inspire & grow.  Social media allows us to connect with many people all over the world that we never would have previously, but there is still something to be said for the power of networking and connecting with people in real life.

I hope you enjoyed this small insight into our life in York and I would love to know which picture is your favorite, so leave a comment below.  Furthermore, Laurie has generously offered a 10% discount to anyone whom books a photo shoot within the next 3 months.  Just mention Wander & Luxe at the time of booking.  You can find and contact Laurie on Instagram at –

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Mummy Daughter Photo Shoot
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Mummy Daughter Photo Shoot
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Mummy Daughter Photo Shoot
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Mummy Daughter Photo Shoot
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Mummy Daughter Photo Shoot
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Mummy Daughter Photo Shoot
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  1. What beautiful photos! She’s really captured some wonderful moments to treasure there. I adore that one of you both at the brunch table.

    P.S. Where’s the mural? Thought I knew York pretty much inside out, but obviously not!

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