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The Key Advantages of Nail Gel Polishes

Every woman dreams about beautifully curated nails. A few years ago, only a few people could afford a manicure made with nail gel polishes, as it could be done only in expensive salons and by professional masters. Today such a manicure is not a luxury, but an integral element of everyday manicures.

nail gel polishes

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Advantages Of Nail Gel Polishes

The main advantages of SNS gel polish manicures include:

  • Long-lasting wear: unlike ordinary nail polish, this material is not erased at the ends of the nails and does not lose its glossy shine;
  • Protection of plates from mechanical impact and their strengthening;
  • Safe use – the composition of the nail gel polishes does not include formaldehyde and other harmful components; and
  • The ability to design with different effects and techniques – ideal for every confident woman.

Coating Features

Nail gel polishes are a modern type of coating that provides strength to the nails while retaining their naturalness. The nail plates covered with this material look neat, do not break, and do not layer. Manicures using gel nail polishes are an excellent alternative to nail extensions since gel polish can be worn for a long time without harm to the natural plates. In addition, the gel coating opens up huge opportunities for the realization of any design idea.

Fashionable Shades

Gel polish coating is very popular with many girls because it is presented in a chic choice of colors and allows the creation of various design options. It is necessary to use shades not only in accordance with the details of your outfit but also in taking into account current nail fashion trends.

For cold seasons, a manicure of dark tones is suitable. In the new summer season, saturated green colors will be on-trend, as well as crimson, pink, yellow, and light blue. For autumn-winter, it is worth using a palette that is associated with autumn landscapes and New Year holidays. Red and yellow shades are also perfect. Or why not spice things up and use some metallic paints?

Nail Gel Polishes


With gel manicures it is possible to combine many techniques and designs. Here are several current trends that look both cool and attractive for your manicure.

Matte or glossy monochrome manicure

This is a classic form of decoration with the use of single-color gel polish. You can choose different shades: starting from calm nude and ending with bright tones – it all depends on the style of the women. At the same time, the manicure technique can be complicated by making out a french or a moon.

3D modeling technique

This is a complex decor that consists of several layers of transparent gel, in each of which a pattern or picture are drawn. Such a multilayer coating creates a three-dimensional effect.


Beautiful compositions on a coating are obtained using a sponge, a thin brush, and a needle. If the design provides for the presence of geometric shapes, then strips of tape are used.


It is one of the simplest and most beautiful techniques. Ready-made plates with the image are used for applying compositions. Such designs can look really interesting.


To create a beautiful drawing that looks like veins of natural stone. This is often painted on with a fine brush. This decor looks especially beautiful on long nails.

“Broken glass”

The technique provides for the creation of a composition in the form of fragments. This decor can be done on any background, but it looks especially good on a black shadow. Fragments of foil are pasted on the base in a chaotic manner and fixed with a top coat.

Mirror effect

Nails are covered with a special gel, and foil or stickers with a metal or mirror surface are put on the top of it. Such a manicure is perfect fun for parties.

French with glitter

The combination of festive sequins and a classic french will not leave anyone indifferent. This nail art will remind you of the period of the upcoming New Year celebrations and complement the look with bright chic. The design is simple in execution, so it can be created at home.

A transparent or beige gel is applied as a background, then the tips of the nails are decorated with shiny powder. Additionally, the ring finger on each hand can be decorated with patterns laid out of rhinestones or colored stones.

Oil technology

In this nail art, polish is combined with a rub, multi-colored stencils, and foil. Such a manicure is characterized by an overflow of shades on the background coating.

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