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Top 3 Nature Parks on the Gold Coast

If you are visiting Queensland, one of Australia’s most vibrant and popular tourist destinations, you can discover an array of phenomenal nature parks on the Gold Coast.  From cute koala bears to fearsome crocodiles, Australia is home to a plethora of unique and fascinating creatures and this is undoubtedly a huge draw for both international and local visitors alike. 

While it is amazing experiencing these curious creatures in the wild, they can be difficult to come by and meet up close despite their often friendly natures. In nature parks and sanctuaries, you can cuddle a koala or feed a wallaby, whilst contributing to the park’s conservation efforts to protect endangered animals. Nature parks are a wonderful day out when travelling with the kids as they are also educational! Nature Parks on the Gold Coast

If you are wondering where to start, here are three of the top nature parks on the Gold Coast which you must visit during your travels.

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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary 

Since 1947, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has been striving to protect wildlife and care for its creatures with its impressive wildlife hospital! Meet some of Australia’s most iconic animals, such as koalas, snakes, wallabies, tasmanian devils, crocodiles, dingos and bilbies, whilst you learn all about their interesting habits with Currumbin’s educational talks. If you fancy meeting these animals even closer and enjoy an interactive experience, then why not engage in an animal encounter with tasmanian devils, koalas, kangaroos and wombats. The sanctuary is also involved in several conservation projects, many of which are partnered with the university and involve in depth research. 

Located in the town of Currumbin on the Gold Coast, the park is easily accessible by car. Standard Adult Ticket prices are $39.95 and Family Tickets are $139 (current at the time of publishing this post), with extra costs added on for the animal encounters which are definitely worth it! 

nature parks on the gold coast

David Fleay Wildlife Park 

Take in beautiful, lush green surroundings whilst you wander around the idyllic grounds of David Fleay Wildlife Park, whilst you discover some of Australia’s most exotic animals! Embark on a nocturnal walk and see nocturnal gliders, possums and owls or if you are keen to meet wallabies, enjoy the park’s unforgettable wallaby walk! Other species include crocodiles, kangaroos, emus, snakes and even platypus in the park’s reptile house! Established and named after the naturalist David Fleay in 1952, the park is steeped in cultural history and attempts to recreate surroundings similar to these animal’s natural habitat. 

Situated in the Gold Coast town, Burleigh Heads, you can easily reach the park by both public transport and car. Standard tickets as at December 2020 are priced at $24 for adults, $11 for children and $16 for concession, making it a simultaneously fun and affordable day out! 

Paradise Country 

Not only is Paradise Country home to some of Australia’s most famous creatures, such as koalas, kangaroos, Tasmanian Devils and birds, it also recreates an authentic Australian farm yard! Children can run free and play with the park’s wonderful Farm Yard Paddock, which is bursting with traditional farm animals such as ducks, dogs and sheep. Bird lovers will be in their element as Paradise Country is also known for its colourful array of birds; discover kookaburras, galahad rainbow lorikeets and emus. If you are keen to get that unforgettable photo with a koala, then why not get a picture with Paradise Country’s resident koala bear, Matilda, whilst you eat breakfast with her with the park’s ‘Breakfast With the Koalas’ ticket. 

Standard tickets cost $70 for an adult and $50 for a child, but it is worth it for a day to remember. Located on Production Drive, the best way to reach Paradise Country is undoubtedly by car.  Enjoy a wild, Australian adventure and a little slice of paradise today!

We hope you have a wonderful time during your visit to Queensland and can enjoy the top nature parks on the Gold Coast.  There is no denying it is a special part of the world, and that it should be experienced by everyone at least once in their lifetime.

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