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The Perfect Nighttime Skin Care Routine

I have followed a relatively strict daytime and nighttime skin care routine since my early teens.  I was a pimply faced teenager there for a while, and once I got the acne under control with medication, it was important to me to take the best possible care of my skin.  I have always envied older women with beautiful skin and I even tried Botox recently to maintain that youthful appearance!

For as long as I can remember it has been important to me to follow good skincare habits and routines.  And besides, who doesn’t love a bit of pampering at home?

nighttime skin care routine


So recently when MooGoo reached out to me to see if I would be interested in trying some of their products, I jumped at the opportunity.  From the outset, I had a soft spot for MooGoo as they are an Australian brand which is now available in the UK.  Furthermore they pride themselves on quality products which are safe for everybody and are tested ethically.

Disclosure: The products featured in this blog post were gifted to me by MooGoo to try at home prior to publishing my blog post.  All opinions are my own.


MooGoo was developed in 2005 somewhat by accident.  The founder formulated a cream for his mother’s Psoriasis after he discovered she was using a paste intended for cows udders.  As the cream was thick and pasty, he reformulated it to a lighter and non-greasy cream to apply to the body.

The word “udder” was a bit crass for an old-fashioned “lady” so they referred to it as “MooGoo” (goo for the cows) and the name stuck.

The MooGoo philosophy has remained the same since the beginning – to make effective products using healthy ingredients, that we are comfortable using on ourselves and our loved ones.  They now have a selection of over 40 products to assist with all types of skin conditions including itchy scalps, irritable skin and a range of baby friendly items.


It is important to develop a skin care routine that works for you in order to maintain the health and appearance of your skin.  The perfect nighttime skin care routine I describe below involves 3 fabulous products from the MooGoo range.  All the products listed in this blog post are suitable for daily use and a range of skin types, however my recommendation would be to try each of the products and decide on the frequency that suits your skin type best.  Personally, my routine would look something like this:

  • Gentle Exfoliating Micro Powder: 1-2 nights per week
  • Oily Cleansing Method: Every night
  • Night Restoration Cream: 3-4 nights per week

MooGoo Oil Cleansing Method

The best way to start you nighttime skin care routine is to remove all the dirt, grime and makeup from the day.  This oil cleanser is suitable for all skin types and moisturises without stripping away the skins natural oils. To use – massage the product into your face, add a little water and continue to massage before removing with a microfibre towel (see below).

Personally I had never used a cleansing oil before, for fear it might make my skin too oily.  However, I think this product may have changed my life forever.  I realise that is a bold statement but I am OBSESSED.  My face has never felt so smooth and clean after using this product.

nighttime skincare routine

MooGoo Gentle Exfoliating Micro Powder

This exfoliator differs from other products I have used previously in 2 ways.  Firstly, it is non-abrasive meaning it isn’t filled with tiny bits which you can feel scratching away at your face.  Secondly, it comes as a powder which you make into a paste by adding water.  The formula secretly scrubs your skin whilst the bentonite clay works to draw out pollutants and impurities.  Furthermore, the marshmallow root extract helps soothe and calm the skin.  Its the ideal product to use in-between cleansing and moisturising to ensure your skin feels bright and supple.

nighttime skincare routine

MooGoo Night Restoration Cream

As you sleep, your skin relaxes and repairs itself – the perfect opportunity to surge your skin with plenty of moisture.  This product is packed full of ingredients your skin will love such as antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid and Lactic Acid.  Together this formula will plump and hydrate your skin, improve your skins texture and remove rough, flaky skin.  It’s a deeply nourishing night cream that will have your skin feeling rejuvenated and hydrated the next morning.  The night restoration cream is best applied to freshly washed skin before bed.

nighttime skincare routine


Here are my suggestions of a few additional items which will help to compliment your perfect nighttime skin care routine.  These will ensure your skin is feeling amazing and that you are ready for a luxurious night of beauty sleep.

Microfibre Towel

Many people swear by the Face Halo as part of their nighttime skin care routine, however I am yet to try them myself.  I have been using a microfibre towel from Primark which I LOVE.  The Magnitone WipeOut MicroFibre Cloth on Amazon looks exactly the same (and receives stellar reviews).

nighttime skin care routine

Magnitone WipeOut The Amazing MicroFibre Cleansing Cloth


No one wants their hair in their face whilst trying to take care of their nighttime skin care routine.  So grab yourself one of these super cute head bands from Beauty & Seoul.

nighttime skin care routine

ETUDE HOUSE My Beauty Tool Lovely Etti Hair Band

Silk Pillow

There has been a lot of hype around silk pillow cases and the benefits they provide whilst you sleep.  They are said to reduce friction, meaning your hair wont tangle and your face with will glide over the pillow as you sleep i.e. no sleep creases.

The Slip Silk Pillowcase stands out from the crowd.  Available in a range of gorgeous colours, these silk pillowcases will ensure that the benefits of your nighttime skin care routine are amplified whilst you sleep.

nighttime skin care routine

Hand Creams

Everyday life takes a toll on your hands. Things like washing up and cleaning can dry your hands out and make your skin age much faster. In the winter, the harsh weather can make the problem much worse. At the moment, when we are all using so much hand sanitizer, it’s more important than ever to look after your hands. A lot of people use hand cream during the day but they don’t incorporate it into their nighttime skin care routine. The thing is, your skin takes an opportunity to repair itself during the night. If you use the best hand cream right before you go to bed, it makes a huge difference. You can undo a lot of the damage sustained during the day with a good layer of hand cream at night.

Hand cream during the night will also moisturize your cuticles and fingernails to strengthen them and encourage them to grow longer. If your nails crack and peel a lot, you need to use more hand cream before bed.

And that is a wrap on the perfect nighttime skin care routine.  I hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about MooGoo and their fabulous range of products.  A good nighttime skin care routine will give you a clear complexion and firm skin – what more does a girl want in life? Be sure to let me know your cult nighttime skin care products below and whether you have tried MooGoo (or perhaps you are adding to cart as we speak!).  Shell x

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nighttime skin care routine

Disclosure:  Product pictures supplied by MooGoo.  This post contains some affiliate links and I receive a commission if you visit a link and buy something on my recommendation. Purchasing via an affiliate link doesn’t cost you any extra, and I only recommend products and services I trust. All opinions are my own. 
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14 Responses

  1. These products look fabulous. I seriously need to get my act together with my routine. I used to use all the good (expensive) stuff and had such a good routine. Then kids came along! #KCACOLS

  2. We had never heard of these products before reading your post. We’re always on the look out for products that are safe and healthy as well. Will definitely look into MooGoo further and pass on to others. Great information. 🙂

  3. I’m still developing a skin care routine at the moment and know you have made me curious about trying the oil cleansing method. I’ve always stayed away from it since my skin is prone to get oily (all the timeeee) but your post gave the the extra push to give it a try! 🙂

  4. Really interesting products I have never used a cleansing oil or powder so would love to try them. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

  5. MooGoo sounds amazing! I have very sensitive skin so am always on the look out for new products made with natural ingredients to try. The brand looks so fresh and simple, and I love the back story too. Added to my wish list. Thank you for joining us for the #DreamTeamLinky xx

  6. I think night time is an important time for the skin to recover from the pollution and sun duting the day. I like to use specific night creams to help combat damage. Thanks for linking up with #dreamteamlinky

  7. I LOVE reading about new skincare, I hadn’t heard of this brand before but I like the sound of what you’ve been using. I’m a bit of a fan of microfoliant powder and everything else just sounds so lush. I also have that cat headband and sweat by the Magnitone cloth for getting makeup off.


  8. Awesome products! I love Moogoo :). Also the satin is such a necessary component that people forget 90% of the time it seems. Great list. #KCACOLS

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