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Product Review: Expandable Wireless Speaker, POW Mo

I was recently gifted the Expandable Wireless Speaker Mo from POW Audio to review.  As we were heading to Portugal on our family summer holidays, it was the perfect opportunity to test out the travel bluetooth speaker.  We rented AirBNBs whilst in Portugal and during our travels we have found it is not common place for them to have speakers or stereos.  Personally I love to listen to music whilst we are on holidays when we are relaxing or getting ready.  So, what did I think of this new expandable bluetooth speaker from POW Audio?

Expandable Wireless Speaker


Wow – can something this small really produce good quality sound?  The packaging is crisp, clean and compact – there has been no messing around from the team at POW Audio.  Simple instructions were included in the box and it was easy to get started with my new wireless speaker.


The technical stuff and things you might like to know if you are a gadget guru.

Weight: 198.45 g

Dimensions: Length: 11.11 cm, Width: 6.35 cm, Height (collapsed): 2.38 cm

Battery Life: Up to 8-Hour Playtime

Wireless Range: 100 Foot Range

Bluetooth Compatible: Yes – Bluetooth 4.2

Aux-in: No

USB charging: USB-C Charging


There are so many things that I love about this expandable wireless speaker.  It has an array of unique and clever features, and they are all crammed inside a very compact design!

Sound Quality – The sound quality is actually incredible for a wireless speaker of this size.  Crisp, dynamic and the perfect amount of bass.

Ultra Compact – I mean, the speaker fits in the palm of my hand!

Unique Features – The phone speaker stands out from the crowd with its unique expandable feature.  This is all part of POW Audio’s clever technology – WaveBloom™ .

“We have revolutionized speaker design by transforming the box into an expandable, air-filled chamber that allows you to pop it up for unbeatable bass and anthemic volume, and collapse it for lightweight portability.”

Reasonably Priced – At less than USD$100 it is affordable and provides good value for money for a wireless speaker.

Good Battery Life – no running to find a charging point after a couple hours.  This speaker should keep you going all day (or night)!

Sleek Modern Design – and available in graphite or snow.

Sync It – Ability to sync with a second Mo speaker to spread your left-right audio and create surround sound.  Isn’t that clever?

Easy to Use – Super easy to connect via bluetooth.  If something doesn’t work the first time in less than 60 seconds, I generally give up.  So I was onto a winner with this one.

Smart Magnets – Mo’s unique incorporation of magnets into the design allows you to attach your wireless speaker to the fridge, your smartphone or any other compatible surface.

Expandable Wireless Speaker


I am clutching at straws to think of something negative to say about this bluetooth speaker.  But in order to be completely transparent and provide an honest review, I would say:

Weight – The unit is a little heavier than I expected.  I cannot complain given the incredible technology in the compact speaker, but I was surprised when I first picked it up.

Sound at Full Volume – When the wireless speaker is turned up to maximum volume I found the sound to be a little bit hollow. But when connected to my iPhone and turned up 3/4 of the way, the sound was ideal.

Water Resistant – but not fully waterproof … so no dropping it in the pool!


The expandable wireless speaker sells for USD$79.99 + shipping and can be purchased online at (worldwide shipping available).  Additional accessories are available to purchase including a phone case which allows you to click the Mo Speaker to the back of your phone.


Do you remember those days (or at least have you seen it in movies) where the cool kids would walk around with a stereo on their shoulder?  Now you can literally slip this portable speaker into your pocket and entertain the neighborhood with your tunes.

I was highly impressed with this expandable wireless speaker.  It would have to be up there as one of the best bluetooth speakers for travel.  But I also think it is a great to have around the home – in fact I have been listening to it the entire time whilst writing this blog post.  If you like your music to follow you from room to room then this wireless speaker is a great option for you.

Expandable Wireless SpeakerIf I were in the market for a portable wireless speaker then I would be very happy with the Mo from POW Audio.  I think it provides excellent value for money with the quality, design and technology incorporated into the compact speaker.  I would definitely recommend it to my family, friends and all my lovely readers.

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