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4 Unexpected Side Effects of Pregnancy

Finding out that you are expecting is a very special time in your life. Nothing brings joy into the world more than a new bouncing baby, so you have every right to be excited. However, many women are nervous too, and it’s easy to see why with plenty of unexpected side effects of pregnancy.  From the morning sickness to the stretch marks, there is something you most likely won’t enjoy about the next nine months.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t do things to overcome some of these said side-effects. Yes they exist, and yes they can be pretty rough, but with the right advice, you can try to carry on and enjoy your pregnancy. So, lets take a look at 4 unexpected side effects of pregnancy.

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side effects of pregnancy

#1: More Hair

The extra hormones in your system make it tough to keep hair at bay. Whether it’s on your face or body, you may notice more of it, and waxing strips or shaving aren’t the answers. After all, you’d like to have some skin left by the time the baby arrives, and your skin can be notoriously dry during pregnancy (so best not to aggravate it). If you’re desperate to remove the hair, you should try threading techniques as they are less invasive and have a higher long-term success rate. Avoid bleaching as the chemicals are unhealthy and can lead to even worse side-effects.

#2: Interrupted Sleep

One of the side effects of pregnancy that you might not have expected is the difficulty of sleeping.  There are many reasons why you might struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep – from midnight cravings, feeling uncomfortable as your bump grows or needing to go to the toilet.  There are plenty of small things you can do to help you sleep better during pregnancy, such as essential oils, pregnancy pillows and herbal teas before bed.  So make sure you make an extra effort to take care of yourself.

#3: Expectations You Should Be Married

Getting hitched isn’t a physical side-effect. It’s something lots of couples are pressured into because of the situation, and it’s a leading factor in the number of yearly divorces.  Did you know that 33% end in divorce?!? Thankfully, there are solid reasons to push back against the peer pressure, with the main one called defacto relationship. A defacto relationship is a fancy way of saying that cohabiting families are afforded the same legal rights as married couples. Once you realise that there is no practical reason for a wedding, it’s easier to wait until you’re both ready before walking down the aisle.

#4: Strange Cravings

Aren’t they supposed to be the good part of pregnancy?! It depends. Some women love them because they love the freedom to eat whatever they want. From McDonald’s, to chocolate cake to crisps – it might not be the healthiest diet but no one can control a hangry pregnant woman! On the other hand, some women experience a ‘pica’ disorder’ where the craving isn’t food-related, and instead they crave strange items such as sand or paint chips. Now that definitely counts as unexpected side effects of pregnancy. However, the good news is that it points to a lack of nutrients that you can top-up with vitamins and supplements.  Just check in with your midwife or health care professional for some advice.

Another reason why the urge to eat isn’t nice is the long-term effect. Lots of women end up hating dishes and ingredients they used to love as a result of pregnancy!

We hope you enjoy your personal journey and don’t suffer too many of the side effects of pregnancy.  Its amazing just how many things there are that no one tells you about pregnancy.  However, there is one thing for sure – when you finally hold your baby in your arms it will all be totally worth it!

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