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5 Easy Steps to Good Hair

They say someone’s hair is their ‘crowning glory’, and it is undoubtedly an important feature for many. Good hair can make you feel amazing, and a bad hair day can put a dampener on everything else. This is why it’s so important to protect your hair as much as possible.  The more you’re able to take care of it, the better it will look and feel, and the better it will make you feel overall. So, here are 5 quick and easy steps to follow to ensure you have good hair!

good hair

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#1: Don’t Brush Wet Hair 

Do you immediately reach for your brush after a shower or when you get out of the pool? Perhaps it is an automatic reaction for you.  However if it is, it’s time to stop!  Brushing your hair when it’s wet could be causing a lot of damage.

Brushing wet hair is best avoided because it is much more fragile when it’s wet, and therefore the brush can cause your hair to break or develop split ends. Wait until your hair is dry, and then brush out the knots and it will look much sleeker and be much healthier.

#2: Don’t Use Hairdryers 

Hairdryers are fantastic inventions that have revolutionized hair care. However, they are not something you should be using every day – they are for when you’re in a hurry or when it’s really necessary. Using a hairdryer every day will cause heat damage to your hair and leave it looking dull and frizzy – that’s not my definition of good hair!

If you have no alternative but to use a hairdryer every day due to time constraints, for example, then it’s a good idea to invest in some Bhave Frizz Cream to tame your locks once you’re done.

#3: Don’t Use Cotton Pillow Covers 

Cotton pillow covers are lovely; they’re soft and natural, and they’re comfortable too. So you might think they’re the perfect piece of bedding to rest your head (and therefore your hair) every night. The truth is that cotton, mainly because it is all-natural, isn’t smooth at all and contains plenty of little bumps and knots which will catch on your hair during the night and ultimately damaging it. The more you move, the more damage will be done.

Use a silk pillowcase as an alternative to a cotton pillow case.  Since silk is actually smooth, it won’t damage your hair but will just slide off instead. Silk pillowcases are also great for their anti-aging benefits.

good hair

#4: Cover Your Hair In The Sun 

We all know, or should know, that it’s vital to use sunscreen on your skin when outside.  Even if the sun is not feeling too hot or it’s overcast; the UV rays can still do damage. What many people don’t think about is the fact that those same UV rays can also damage your hair, bleaching it and causing it to dry out and become brittle.

To prevent this from happening and to ensure you have good hair, wear a hat when you’re outside. Not only will it protect your hair, but it can be a great fashion statement too.

#5: Don’t Shampoo Every Day 

Many people wash their hair every day; it’s a habit and part of their hygiene routine. Yet when you do this, you are stripping your hair of its natural oils, and it needs those oils to stay healthy. The answer to good hair, of course, is to stop washing your hair quite so often.

When you start this, your hair will become greasy quickly, but persevere!  Over time, your hair will fix itself, and you’ll be able to go much longer between shampooing sessions and still have shiny, healthy-looking good hair.

We hope these 5 easy steps help you on your way to enjoying good hair every day!  Just a little bit of effort will see you enjoy fantastic results and sporting gorgeous hair that everyone is envious of.

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