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The Importance of Sports in School

When compared with things like Maths and Science, sport might not seem like that big a deal in terms of a child’s academic journey. However, there are lots of benefits to regular PE lessons in schools.  Especially for children who don’t have gardens at home and are unable to get enough fresh air and exercise in their own time. With that in mind, I have teamed up with a prep school in Hertfordshire to explore the importance of sports in school.

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importance of sports in school

Health Benefits

Exercise is obviously great for a child’s health, both physically and mentally. Essentially, it produces endorphins in the body that can help ease anxiety and stress and boost confidence and general happiness. With that said, a child is able to return to the classroom after a PE lesson feeling refreshed and in a better mood to learn. From a physical perspective, sport also helps reduce the likelihood of health problems such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Learn A Range of Skills

Sport teaches children a range of important skills that they can transfer across other aspects of their life, both academically and personally. For instance, they learn:

  • how to persevere even when they feel like giving up,
  • how to be part of a team and look after their peers,
  • how to listen to and follow instructions from their coach, and
  • how to win and lose in a graceful way.

These are all excellent life skills that will come in handy during other lessons.  For example, during exam periods, on results day, and even when your child is old enough for a job.

Sports Days

It’s not just PE lessons that are beneficial for children. Sports Day is also a great way to teach kids a range of skills and allow them to experience a sense of community spirit. When parents are allowed to come along and watch, children are able to feel proud of themselves and start to comprehend how much support they truly have.

We hope this has helped shed some light on the importance of sports in school and provided some encouragement to seek out sports for your children.  There are so many great benefits of sports for kids, and it is wonderful to get them started from an early age.

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