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5 Things To Do in Sunny Perth!

Perth has more sunny days than any other Australian capital city. And if that isn’t enough of a reason for a visit, it has sandy beaches, natural parks, and a great city culture with a thriving art scene.  The city is full of things to do, but it can also be rather sprawling and hard to explore without a car.  So it’s worth checking into Perth city car rentals when planning your trip!  Now, lets take a look at 5 fantastic things to do in Perth.

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Perth by night

#1: King’s Park

You can spend a whole day in incredible King’s Park and Botanical Garden. One of the largest in the world, this astonishing city park lets you check out the Australian bush without leaving town. The park features landscaped areas and untamed bushland and is perfect for picnics, jogs, enjoying splendid views of the city, taking in summer outdoor concerts, and, if you have kids, exploring great playgrounds for all ages.

View of Perth City from King’s Park

#2: Aborignal Tours

If you’re interested in the Aboriginal history of the area, check out Nyungar guide Walter McGuire’s Aboriginal tours of the city. Your tour guide will tell you stories of the Whadjuk people from the Dreaming, passed down for countless generations long before Europeans arrived. You can learn about the six seasons observed by the Aboriginal people, and their relationship to the edible plants that still grow around Perth. The extended tour includes hands-on elements like making paint from ochre and handling traditional hunting weapons.

#3: Beaches

In a country known for its beaches, Perth’s still manage to stand out. Your rental car will be the perfect way to do a beach tour. Spend a day exploring or hit a different beach every morning or evening. Check out Cottesloe Beach, a 20-minute drive from the city center, for ever-so-soft blonde sands, lovely Norfolk pines, green lawn terraces, and beautifully clear waters. Don’t forget to go to Marine Parade for numerous cafes and bars.

For snorkeling featuring leafy sea-grasses and fish with intricate patterns, octopuses, and starfish, check out Mettams Pool. This northern beach off the West Coast Highway features wheelchair access and regular patrols by surf lifesavers. For blindingly white sands and a Caribbean feel, check out Leighton Beach, where the waves are small, and the water doesn’t deepen immediately — therefore perfect for paddling.

And if you want to travel further afield, you must plan a few days down south in Margaret River.

Cottesloe Beach

#4: Fremantle

About a half an hour’s drive along the Stirling Highway from Perth’s city center, you will find Fremantle. Once a separate town, this fun area has been engulfed by Perth. It still retains its charm, though, with sprawling weekend markets, great eateries, and local favorite bar, Bathers Beach. The beach is tucked in between Fishing Boat Harbor and a jail dating from the 1830s called Round House. Everyone enjoys a day of exploring this historical and cultural area.

Tour the spooky Fremantle Prison by night

#5: Rottnest Island

If you have one more day, or even a few more days to spend exploring, why not check out Rottnest Island, just a 25-minute ferry ride from Fremantle? The island has 63 beaches, great snorkeling, and is the home of the quokka, an adorable marsupial you simply must meet!

Meet the cute quokka on Rottnest Island

Perth is a beautiful destination, and a great way to enjoy a fantastic beach getaway.  All whilst exploring cultural, natural, and historical sites. Plus, don’t forget the great restaurants and shopping! It might be one of the most isolated capital cities in the world, but it is definitely worth a visit.

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