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How to Travel Safely in the UK

Each country in the UK has its own flare and impact on the world.  And as exciting as it is to explore other cultures, especially after the pandemic, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure you travel safely. Every year, millions of people travel to the UK to take in the sites of London and to experience English culture.  With that in mind, here are a few travel tips for visiting the United Kingdom to help you keep safe.

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Look Left

The UK is a country where people drive on the left side of the road. Many people who come to visit don’t necessarily remember that, and when trying to cross the street, you could get injured. Also keep it in mind that if you are going to rent a car, you are going to have to understand that the steering wheel is also on the other side of the car, and while driving you have to keep left. This can be very confusing for a lot of people, but if you know this before you go, then you can travel safely.  There are plenty of other convenient ways to get around in the UK if driving is not for you.

Covid-19 Protocol

With the pandemic still affecting millions around the world, its important that you check what the UK’s Covid policies are before entering the country. You may need a negative test result or proof of vaccination.  Or there may be a travel restriction placed on your country of residence and it may not be legal for you to travel to the UK at this time. A simple internet search will keep you up to date on any and all restrictions on entering and leaving the UK. It is really important to know your own country’s rules as well prior to planning your travel.

Always carry hand sanitizer and a mask with you to ensure you travel safely.  And its important to respect the rules of establishments which might require you to wear a mask.

Look After Your Finances

You are going to change currencies when you enter the UK, and that means you may run out of money faster than you think. The Pound Sterling is a strong currency and when you convert your money the exchange rate may force you to need a little extra cash. Before you head out on your travels, research ways to send money to the UK.  In the case someone from back home needs to send you money, it can be done so easily and with little effort. You don’t want to be stuck in a foreign country with no money – it can cause a lot of unnecessary complications for you.

Research and Plan Your Excursions

With the pandemic continuing to affect travel, check ahead to make sure that what you want to see the most is still open and operating. Some tourist areas are running on a limited schedule or may not be fully reopened to maximum capacity or days. Check to make sure that what you want to see is available so that you can have a great time away, and check what their Covid protocols are as well to ensure you travel safely.

Slowly but surely, the possibility of traveling the world again is becoming a reality.  However, it is important to remain vigilant and travel safely during these times.  A trip to the UK is no different in this regard!  So make sure you do your research, are aware of the rules and protocols, and most importantly – enjoy yourself!

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