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Why Reading With Children Is So Important?

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Reading with children is a crucial element of their learning journey. It’s one of the initial things they learn when they start school, if they haven’t already started to learn.  And it then becomes beneficial across all subjects each and every day, not just in English based subjects. Lots of people actually consider reading to be a type of entertainment and a way for them to chill out and relax.  Without out question, reading is a far more valuable use of time for children than watching hours of television or playing on their games consoles. It’s also very important when it comes to a child’s general education and subsequently in their eventual career path.

The list of advantages for reading with children is infinite.  Some of these benefits are explored below by an independent school in New York.

reading with children

#1: Expands Vocabulary & Language Skills

First and foremost, reading with children in any form can help develop strong spelling and grammar skills, as well as expand a child’s vocabulary. It’s worth suggesting to your child that they write down any words or phrases that they run into whilst reading that they don’t understand so that they can find out what it means later.  Either by asking you, using a dictionary or looking it up online. By understanding an excellent range of vocabulary, your child will become a better communicator, both written and verbally. This will help them during their education and also when the time comes for them to apply to university or for jobs.

#2: Improves Ability To Focus

Another advantage of reading is that it can help improve the ability to focus. Essentially, it allows children to practise concentrating on something for prolonged periods of time.  This is something they’ll need to be great at when it comes to attending school and in later years for exam revision.

#3: Enhances General Knowledge

Reading is also fantastic for enhancing general knowledge, even when reading fictional novels. Basically, by investing in a character from another time or place, your child will learn about various incidents throughout history, in addition to how other cultures have unique traditions. General knowledge will support your child in numerous ways; both personally and professionally. It will help them find a way to begin discussions with new people and give them the self-confidence to speak up and reveal their opinions.

#4: Encourages Imagination

Reading with children opens their mind and encourages them to use their imagination.  When they are introduced to a world of possibilities through storytelling, it allows your children to dream big.  And this can be in any facet of life.  How often have you read about a place and wanted to visit, or learned about foods and wanted to try them?  Your children will gain the same benefits from an early age.

So there you have it – a list of reasons why reading is so important for children.  Reading should be taught and encouraged from a young age to give kids the best possible chance of enjoying this pastime, whether for education or leisure.  There is no doubt that it will set them in good stead for their future.

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