Will Work for Chanel

Here I find myself – 3 months have passed and still no job – another victim of the mining boom and bust.  Not that I mind too much – I cannot say I am overly passionate about my career of the past decade, and this time without a job is giving / forcing me the opportunity to pursue some alternative interests that previously I have always been too busy to explore.  So ta-da! Here is the start of my next venture – a blog which will touch on all things travel and lifestyle, with a focus on glamour and luxury.


Let me introduce myself.  My name is Shelley and I live in Perth, Western Australia with my husband and two beagles.  I was born in New South Wales and our family moved to the West before I turned 3.  I spent my childhood and school years in Rockingham, which is notoriously known as the bogan capital of this State and is the centre of many a jokes.  However I am proud to say that I have safely made it into my thirties without a criminal record, drug addiction or unwanted child (sorry Mum, I know you have nice beaches!)

I went on to study a Bachelors of Commerce in Economics and Management (nerd much?) and upon completion landed myself a graduate role in the mining industry.  This is where my love for mining commenced (yes, I have a series link on my Foxtel account for Gold Rush and Bearing Sea Gold) and at the same time a real life love story started to blossom (more on that later).  These were the boom times when bonuses were given out hand over fist and a boozy Friday lunch was permanently in the calendar.  Then September 2008 happened (thanks Lehman Brothers!)  Thankfully for us, Perth was relatively sheltered from the hard times which hit the rest of the world.  The demand for iron ore from China continued to increase, and if you did lose your job then you were pretty likely to pick up another one shortly afterwards, leaving you a redundancy payment to splurge on whatever you fancied.  This was until about 2 years ago, when the demand for iron ore slowly began to fall, as did the price, and one by one we have been losing our jobs ever since (sorry for the economics lesson).

So why do I want another job in the volatile mining industry and to continue the work which I’m not oozing enthusiasm about?  To pay for my Chanel of course, as well as fund my overseas holidays (although probably best that I don’t reveal this in interviews to prospective employers).  Once you have been exposed to designer labels, five star hotels or flying business class, it is very hard to turn your back on them!

It has previously been suggested that I should write a book with all of my stories which I love to tell, so this is my first step towards it. My sarcastic, tongue in cheek tone will perhaps be a little controversial from time to time – but that is what makes it interesting, right?

I will never forget a work colleague once saying to me ‘I like it once you have had a couple of drinks – your filter is removed and you let us know what you really think.’  Ever so cautious in the corporate world, I will try and remember to remove such filter when writing my posts for your enjoyment.

And so the adventure begins.  Wish me luck and stay tuned for my first official travel and lifestyle post.

Shell x

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  1. Congrats on the launch of your blog Shell!
    Look forward to reading future posts and sharing a glass or two… xx

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