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3 Reasons You Might Be Having Sleep Problems

When you don’t sleep well, or are experiencing sleep problems, your life will be heavily and negatively impacted. Not only will you have a great deal less energy than you would if you slept well, but you can also experience a low mood or mood swings, and your appearance will suffer too.

sleep problems

The occasional sleepless night isn’t usually something to worry about, but if you constantly have sleep problems i.e. trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep – or both – then there might be a more serious underlying issue that needs to be dealt with. Read on to find out why people experience sleep problems, and you might find you solve your problem almost overnight.

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#1: Stress

Perhaps the biggest reason for a bad night’s sleep (or many bad nights’ sleep) is stress. When you are stressed about any kind of situation in your life, your mind cannot switch off properly and remains active. This means your body doesn’t receive the signals it needs to tell it that it’s time to sleep. As a result, you’ll be tense and tired, and that will make you stress even more.

If stress is the culprit for your lack of sleep, then it makes sense that you need to rid yourself of that stress to sleep better. This is always easier said than done, but the first thing you must do is determine the cause of your stress. Once you know that, you can develop a plan.  Consider seeking the help of a friend or a professional in order to reduce the stress.

If you don’t like your job, a solution could be to find a new one. If you’re worried about money, you might look into consolidating your debt or speaking to a financial adviser. You can always do something once you acknowledge the problem, and you should sleep better once you’ve done it.

#2: Indigestion

Indigestion will cause you to feel physical discomfort, which will never be conducive to a good night’s sleep. The reason for your digestive pains might be because you are eating too close to bedtime.

The later you eat, and the less time there is for the body to digest the food before it goes into ‘sleep mode’ and stops, the more acid that will have built up in your digestive system that isn’t being used. This causes the digestive pains you’re feeling. The best solution is to eat earlier and ensure you leave at least three hours before dinner and bed.

One important point to remember, however, is that sometimes heart problems can be confused for indigestion.  If you are experiencing the pain without having eaten or after leaving enough time, it’s wise to seek medical assistance from the experts at

#3: Screen Time 

We all spend a little too much time on our devices these days. They’re so useful to everyday life, and it’s easy to become a bit too attached to them. However, this can lead to sleep problems, so it’s best to cut down your screen time as much as you can.  And most certainly in the hour leading up to bedtime.

Screens from phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs emit something called ‘blue light’. This light confuses the body’s natural circadian rhythm, making it think it’s still daylight when it’s actually night. With the body thinking it’s daytime, it won’t think it’s time to sleep, so it won’t make you feel tired, and thus you’ll have trouble sleeping.

We hope this article has been helpful in identifying a few of the issues that can lead to sleep problems.  Sleep is imperative to a healthy lifestyle, so its important that you promptly address any issues which are causing you to lose sleep.

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