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4 Reasons Why Dog Boxes Are More Useful Than You Think

Transporting your pet from one place to another may be challenging if you don’t know how to do it properly. Most people transporting their dogs by car simply leave them in the back seat and drive, but this is highly dangerous both for the owner and their pets. This is where dog boxes come into the equation.

dog boxes

The right way to do it is to place your dog into a special container that is secured and will help you and your pet travel in the safest way possible. When we’re talking about taking safety precautions when traveling, we’re most often thinking about our own safety, but we rarely talk about the pets’ safety.

Of course, ours is more important, but we also need to mind their needs. Many pet owners refuse to use dog crates or dog boxes. They think that this is cruel to them, while it is entirely different in reality.

In this article, we’re talking more about dog boxes, their use, safety, and everything in between. We will explain why dog crates are more beneficial than you think, how you should use them and why they are good for your dog. Read on and see why.

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#1: Human Safety Always Comes First

It goes without saying, the driver’s safety is of utmost importance, and there’s no question about it. Leaving the dog in the back seat means they are free to do whatever they want, even if they have the belt, and are limited with movement, they can still be distracting to the driver.

It takes only a small distraction for your dog to do something unusual and draw your attention. This might cause you to take your eyes off of the road for a second, and this can turn fatal. If your pet is placed in a dog box in the back of the car, you’re free from any distraction, and the risk is significantly reduced.

#2: Your Car Is Safe Too

We don’t like to make a mess of our vehicles, and whilst this is the last thing to worry about when it comes to safety, you should know that using dog boxes will help you avoid any biting, drooling, and scratching of the leather and the seats. Your dog will peacefully sit back and enjoy the drive.

#3: The Dog’s Feelings Are Not Hurt

Contrary to popular opinion, your dog’s feelings are not hurt when they are placed in dog boxes. All research shows that dog crates are considered the best option for transportation because these animals feel the safest inside. When they stay inside the box, dogs feel safe from their surroundings and are the much less anxious.

It is also interesting that they are less distracted by objects, people, and other animals passing by. We often see dogs with their heads outside the window while the car passes, but this is dangerous for the animal and the surroundings.

Just a cat passing by may trigger your pet’s instinct and make it jump off a moving car. This may cause total mayhem outside. If you’re on a busy street, cars may cause such accidents in which human lives would be taken. Whilst it sounds dramatic, you don’t want to risk anything like this happening.

Moving cars, people, other dogs, cats, birds, everything happens so fast, making their instincts go wild. Even if your dog is locked with the seatbelts, they may hurt themselves trying to jump up. At the same time, their sensors will be in overdrive while being distracted by literally everything they see.

When you place them inside the dog box, they will feel calm, peaceful, and enjoy themselves. They won’t be distracted by anything. They think of the box as their natural habitat and have control over the place they’re staying.

#4: Choose Comfortable Dog Boxes

You’ll find hundreds of different models of crates on the market. They all have various features, and some are more comfortable than others. There are dog boxes that are nothing more than steel wires, while some are made with tons of comfortable materials to suit your pet.

Some of the most important features are having a comfortable sitting surface and having enough fresh air flow. Also consider the design and how easy it will be to maneuver the crate yourself. For example, carrying a bigger breeds box will be challenging, so check the item’s weight.

In Closing …

These few points are the important things you need to know to understand that dog crates or boxes are the best option for transporting pets. Scientists have proven that dogs are not afraid of dog boxes and that they actually assist to reduce anxiety. If you crate train your dog whilst they are a puppy, it will ensure that they feel comfortable in the crate and that they’ll learn to love it.

Don’t use force to get them inside the dog boxes, and don’t make them do something they really don’t want to. This will only make them uncomfortable. But take this advice and your dog will love riding with you inside their very own dog box.

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