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Things You Must Consider When Choosing An Electric Skateboard

The electric motor is now put on almost everything you can imagine, including the electric skateboard. After e-bikes came along, the market exploded for electric skateboards. So, why are motorized skateboards good and how do you pick a really good model? Let’s figure it out.

electric skateboard

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Choosing An Electric Skateboard

A motorized skateboard or ‘electrolongboard‘ is a board with an electric motor that enhances the rider’s capabilities. The electric board, to a certain extent, combines the electric traction technique and the inertial modification of the skateboard.

The electro version of a skateboard is characterized by the presence of two important building blocks:

  • Motor; and
  • Brakes.

The engine accelerates the skate, and the braking system allows you to quickly stop without consequences. Also, such skateboards are often equipped with oversized wheels. The purpose of which is to increase the level of comfort during the operation of the model, reduce shaking and increase cross-country ability.

So, how do you choose this fashionable device correctly in order to get the most out of its use. We suggest you consider the following points:

  • Decide for what purpose you are buying it;
  • How often you will operate your electric skateboard;
  • Where will you ride; and
  • Consider your size and weight (there are certain limitations for all types of portable electric vehicles).

If this is your first time with such an electric vehicle, and you have never ridden one, it is better to practice on a non-motorized skateboard first. Furthermore, explore reviews, see ratings for popular devices and take expert advice into account.

Remember that the electric skateboard is much easier to operate than the classic version. If you are planning to travel long distances, then Evolve is certainly the best option. In this case, the key parameter will be the power of the equipment, not its cost.

Another way to ensure you choose the correct electric skateboard for you is to visit a trusted store. It can be helpful to seek advice from a competent employee, study the range in person and make an informed purchase.

Shopping online for an electric skateboard can also be quite a good idea if you follow the link: A wide selection of certified products in the online store means there is a product suitable for everyone.

Attention To Detail

The first key characteristic to look out for on an electric skateboard is the motor power. This is true in the case of any type of electric transport: electric scooters, bicycles and motorcycles.

The power of the motor directly determines the potential speed of the device, its cross-country ability, and carrying capacity. The greater the power potential, the higher the cost of the motor, and hence the electric skateboard itself. Depending on the modification, the motor power varies between 150-900 watts.

Studying the power parameters of an electric motor, experts advise focusing on the following indicators:

  • 150 watts – for users from 8 years old and beginner riders; and
  • 400-900 watts – for skateboarders with experience and specific skills.

The second important parameter is the incline level. This parameter directly characterizes how much an electric skate will be able to overcome descents and climbs up hills. Often, manufacturers indicate several options for the angle of inclination of the vehicle at once. Everything will depend on what kind of load the device receives. On average, for people weighing up to 65 kg, the angle is 18°. As the weight load on the vehicle increases, the incline level also begins to decrease.

Operating Parameters Affecting Operation & Comfort

Its interesting to note that any electric skateboard can be used as a non-motorized skateboard. If the battery is completely depleted, nothing interferes with the normal kick-off. However, it is still worth paying attention to such a parameter as the power reserve. This is the distance that an electric skate can cover when fully charged.

A good device is capable of covering 25 – 35 km. A riding distance of 15 – 20 km is typical for children’s and teenagers’ electric skateboards. Extreme versions and powerful models for adult riders have a solid range starting from 35-40 km.


A good skateboard should be equipped with everything you need to ride comfortably. This is an innovative type of vehicle, and the equipment of the device must correspond to its status. Many manufacturers produce fully functioning electric skateboards – all you have to do is buy it and start using it!

However, many buyers prefer to complete the device according to their taste and discretion. Do not forget that this also affects the price of the unit. So, what can and should be supplemented with an electric skateboard:

  • Bluetooth speakers (on the way, the rider will be able to listen to audio files from an external device such as a smartphone);
  • Sidelights (irreplaceable when driving in the evening and at night);
  • Remote control (simplifies many aspects of electric skate control);
  • Charge indication (prevents a situation when the device is suddenly discharged); and
  • USB port (for charging additional small gadgets).

Keep Safe!

Finally, you should always wear a helmet as well as knee, elbows, and wrists protectors before operating an electric skateboard. It is important that you note and obey traffic rules when traveling on an electric skateboard. And one more valuable piece of advice that should not be ignored: use the device taking into account the permissible temperature regime (from –10 to + 40 ° C).

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