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13 Memorable Christmas Traditions To Create For Your Family

With Christmas not far away, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share some inspiration of Christmas Traditions which you can create for your family.  I don’t think it needs to be said that its been a difficult year for the entire world in 2020.  And so Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to take some time to rest, recharge and celebrate as a family.

Our little girl is 3 years old and this will be the first year that she semi understands the prospect of Christmas.  Or at least the fact that Santa visits her house and brings lots of presents! Either way, I am looking forward to starting some of these Christmas traditions for our family and letting the magic of Christmas take over our household.

Christmas Traditions

Disclaimer: We were very kindly gifted The Reindeer Feeder, a Lapland Letter and a personalised hot chocolate mug for inclusion in this blog post. All opinions and reviews are my own. 

#1: Advent Calendar

Start the celebrations in the right way by opening an Advent Calendar on the 1st December.  Whilst traditionally the advent calendars are filled with chocolate, nowadays you can find plenty of options from toy advent calendars for the kids or beauty product advent calendars for mum.

Oh, and don’t forget to also dust off those Christmas jumpers on the first day of December!

#2: Elf on the Shelf

Love it or hate it, the Elf on the Shelf Christmas tradition is very popular with kids in many households.  The Scout Elf spends the days leading up to Christmas watching over the kids and ensuring they do not have to be reported to Santa’s naughty list.  The idea is that parents relocate the Elf in the home every evening to instill that magical sense that the Elf is alive and watching.  Some parents have been known to have a bit too much cheeky fun with this Christmas tradition.  And if you get stuck, York Mumbler has some great Elf on the Shelf inspiration!

christmas traditions

#3: Choose A Christmas Tree

Many families opt for an artificial Christmas tree these days.  But if that’s not for you, then choosing a real Christmas tree can be one of the wonderful family Christmas Traditions.  Put a date in the calendar and make a day of picking the perfect tree for your home to celebrate the festive season.

Jodie from Maidenhead Mum told me about the Christmas Tree Festival they celebrate in Maidenhead each year.  For obvious reasons,  the festival isn’t taking place in 2020 however everyone is being encouraged to decorate a tree outside their home to create a Christmas Tree Trail.  What a wonderful idea and a great way to bring that sense of community spirit once more.

#4: Christmas Decorations

In our family, we have always collected Christmas decorations whenever we travel around the world.  So, when we put up our Christmas tree every year, we are able to recall all the fabulous places we have travelled and reminisce about our adventures.

Alternatively, another lovely family Christmas tradition is to buy a new special decoration for the tree each year.  Over the years, your Christmas tree decorations will become a lovely memento of all the times you have shared together.

Family Christmas Tree

#5: Baking 

Certain recipes tend to bring a sense of nostalgia to many families – remembering the dishes your parents or grandparents once made.  So why not start similar Christmas traditions with your children.  Choose a Christmas recipe, just like this Chocolate Gingerbread Men Recipe from Captain Bobcat or Christmas Shortbread from Life with Ktkinnes.  Have a baking day together and make treats to enjoy over the festive period.  And don’t forget to leave some of your baked treats for Santa on Christmas Eve!

family christmas traditions

#6: Write Letters to Santa

Its one of the age old Christmas traditions to write letters to Santa, including a list of all the things you wish for.  But what is even more magical is when Santa sends a reply!  Lapland Letters offers the option to order a personalised letter for your child to be delivered to your door.  These unique letters are customisable to your child, therefore making Christmas more believable than ever.  Every letter from Santa is beautifully designed and then delivered to your child in a bespoke Lapland envelope with a Lapland postal stamp.  An experience that encapsulates the true Christmas experience for your children!

lapland letters - letters to santa - christmas traditions

#7: Take a Family Christmas Photo

This may be something you do prior to Christmas to include with your Christmas cards or annual letter to family & friends (I’m showing my age now, aren’t I?!?).  Or perhaps you would prefer to take a family photo on Christmas Day.  Either way, what a lovely memento to have a family photo each year so you can witness your children grow and change before your eyes.  As the years pass by you will look back fondly on these precious pictures and appreciate such Christmas traditions.

#8: Watch Christmas Movies

We all have our favorite Christmas movies – from Home Alone to Elf, Love Actually to The Holiday.  There is just something so humble and heart warming about snuggling up and indulging in these classic films.  So once your children are old enough to start watching films, treat them to these Christmas treasures and start your own traditions.  If you don’t know where to start, Bethanie from Northumberland Family Diaries has a great list of the best Christmas movies to watch with your family.

#9: Christmas Lights Tour & Hot Chocolate

There is nothing more magical than touring a festive display of Christmas lights with your children.  Nicola of Mum on a Budget says:

We live in chilly Scotland and one family tradition is doing a tour of the local Christmas lights. We take a stroll around the village on Christmas Eve, seeing all the twinkly Christmas lights. It’s really magical! Then I always make sure to have homemade hot chocolate bubbling away in the slow cooker for us to warm up with when we get home.

Make the Christmas drinks even more special with these personalised hot chocolate mugs for your kids.  These gorgeous keepsakes can be used year upon year to celebrate the festive season with your family.

christmas traditions

#10: Christmas Pyjamas

What says ‘WE LOVE CHRISTMAS‘ more than matching Christmas Pyjamas?  Mandi from Great Yarmouth Family Fun tells how on Christmas Eve, her family open their tree presents, which usually consist of a new pair of PJs for everyone, plus a game or DVD for the children to watch together before bedtime.  Doesn’t this sound like the perfect way to get ready for Christmas Day?

Family Christmas Traditions

#11: The Reindeer Feeder

One of the newer Christmas traditions available, The Reindeer Feeder, will bring a little extra Christmas magic to your home. The idea is that you place your Reindeer Feeder somewhere in your home so that he can keep a watch out for Santa on Christmas Eve.  The Shrumann will give Santa the all clear when he arrives that the kiddies are asleep.  And then he feeds the reindeer (with the carrots you leave out in the sack) whilst Santa is busy delivering all the presents.  As far as Christmas traditions go, I would have loved this as a child.

family Christmas traditions

#12: Christmas Eve Box / Stockings

When I was growing up, one of our Christmas traditions was to receive a small stocking to open on Christmas Day.  It was filled with small gifts like chocolates, toys or toiletries, and we were allowed to open our stockings whilst we waited for mum and dad to get ready (and let their coffee kick in!)

The Christmas Eve Box is a tradition which has gained popularity in recent years.  Parents tend to fill them with things like pyjamas, a story to read, hot chocolate, bath treats etc.  Basically, anything that can be enjoyed on Christmas eve that gets the family into the Christmas spirit.

christmas traditions for kids

#13: Nominate a ‘Chief of Presents’

Sharlene from The Mum’s Guide To Money suggests that it is best to nominate a ‘Chief of Presents‘ when the kids are small.

We carry on my own family tradition of someone handling out presents one at a time. It helps the kids to savor the moment and as parents we at least see their enjoyment rather than it being a free for all.

In our home, my mum was the Chief of Presents and we didn’t dare to open anything until it was given to us.  This is definitely one of the Christmas traditions I would like to continue with my daughter, as it means you can really appreciate each gift.

I hope these suggested family Christmas traditions have helped bring a little festive cheer and inspired you with ways you can make this Christmas a special one.  Whilst Christmas 2020 may be quite different for many of us, we can still make it our own and take it as an opportunity to be grateful for what we have.  Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas!  All the best – Shell x

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christmas traditions

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Picture of Shelley Whittaker

Shelley Whittaker

Shelley is the Founder of Wander & Luxe. She is an award nominated blogger and has worked in the travel, motherhood and lifestyle space since 2016. Her mission is to inspire family wanderlust by showing her adventures and sharing her knowledge and know how when travelling with kids. All whilst she tries to conquer motherhood and indulge in life’s little luxuries.

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  1. As a kid, picking the xmas tree with my Dad was so exciting. And then getting out all the decorations and ‘doing’ the tree – I loved some of them so much. We grow our tree in a pot, so I guess I’ve robbed my kids of that…#KCACOLS

  2. I have somewhat mixed feelings about Christmas, but some of the traditions you mention here are ones I’m all on board with and which will be part of our celebrations, such as Christmas baking and a real tree (I’d rather have no tree at all than a plastic one). I’ve also ordered a Shaun the Sheep advent calendar for our son, as he’s a big fan 🙂 x #KCACOLS

  3. Brilliant list I love Christmas traditions advent calendars, decorating trees, baking, stockings and Christmas Eve boxes are all part of the magic in our house too. #KCACOLS

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