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How Zippers Are Impacting Fashion Trends in 2021

Zippers are small and, at first glance, not a particularly noticeable item on clothing, shoes, bags, or other accessories. You wouldn’t immediately think that zippers affect fashion trends.  But in fashion, every detail matters and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a small button or the color of the thread on a pair of sneakers. Such small details either create an attractive appearance of the product or completely spoil the overall impression.

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Why are Zippers a Unique Accessory?

One of the main advantages of zippers is their versatility. They apply to all styles of clothing, bags, wallets, and many other accessories that are indispensable without them.  With zippers, you can create different effects on clothes, from “sophisticated” and “elegant” to “casual” and “sporty”.

Zipper Peculiarities

Theses days there is an assortment of zippers available online to purchase.  The zipper closure for clothes consists of five main elements:

  • the braid to which the teeth or spiral are attached;
  • plastic, metal teeth, or a twisted plastic spiral;
  • slider (spider): plastic or metal;
  • puller (keychain), which is attached to the spider;
  • stopper (detachable or one-piece, depending on the type of zippers).

All constructive elements of the fastener can be made from an array of materials. For example, a puller can be metal, textile, reflective plastic.

Zippers in Clothes

fashion trends with zippers

This year, zippers not only fulfill the practical function of being a fastener, but they also offer a style-forming element.  They are a means of decoration, and is even used to transform fashion pieces.

The work of this element is elementary: with the help of a lock that slides along the tape of links, the halves are disconnected or joined. The links, in turn, are fixed with each other. For the zippers to serve you longer, when buying clothes, it is best to immediately evaluate whether the placed type of zipper suits such clothes.  For example, a massive tractor zip is best suited to large outerwear a hidden one – to small pockets.

The best way to complement a garment effectively and unobtrusively is to adorn it with Leffler zips. By adding such a simple accessory to an ordinary sweater, you immediately turn it into an elegant and stylish piece. The key feature is the selection of the slider. A beautiful suspension can be the final detail of the whole look. On many other types of clothing, the zip performs both a working and a decorative function. As an optional accessory, it gives the product a modern design.

For jackets, leather jackets and sports items, zippers are quite common functional elements too. But apply a zip on classic cut dresses, skirts, or coats, it becomes a bright, fashionable detail.

A must-have item of an autumn-winter wardrobe is skirts with zips, from mini to midi.

Zippers in Shoes

fashion trends

Shoe zips are also very common. Every fashionista has at least one pair of zip-up shoes in their wardrobe. A common example of shoes with zips is ankle boots or knee high boots. These stunning shoes can be matched with both summer and winter outfits. This is where the zips come into play. Combined with an elegant suspension, the zip closure adds style to the shoe. Such detail on boots or ankle boots is an ideal addition at any time of the year and functional detail that will facilitate the process of putting on or taking off your shoes.

Thus, zippers are one of the sought after fashion trends of 2021. You may have noticed how many famous fashion designers use it in their creations if you are a fashion fan. We advise you to pay attention to this accessory from both the fashionable and functional side.

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