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Practical Tips to Stay Safe Whilst Flying During the Pandemic

Many people may feel that travel and in particular flying during the pandemic is a very scary prospect. Knowing the rules regarding your travel carrier and being close to other passengers can be intimidating even for the most experienced traveller.

flying during the pandemic

Despite many people travelling now from the UK to other countries, you must know exactly what is expected before you travel. With that in mind, here are some practical tips for how to stay safe whilst flying during the pandemic.

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#1: Covid Travel Precautions

Before your travel date, it is imperative that you check any travel updates. The UK regularly updates its travel advice regarding what different countries are safe to travel to and whether or not you need to quarantine when you arrive back.

Different airlines, travel providers and countries have different rules regarding entry requirements and proving you are negative for Covid. You typically need to pay for these services before flying; it is essential to know precisely what test package you need. For example, do you need an antigen test or a PCR test, fit to fly package or an international covid passport declaration via the NHS app?

Any tests you need to take should be within 72 hours of departure, both flying out and returning if required, so planning to get your test to a suitable provider to get your results back is necessary.

The process is not difficult, it just requires you to be organised.  The costs, however, can add up with all the testing requirements.

#2: Accessories

Many airlines and airports require you to wear a mask when travelling through airports and flying during the pandemic. Buy them beforehand and try them out to ensure you can comfortably wear them for the duration of your travel.   CHOOB® apparel masks are great for a wide range of environments and can help reduce the spread of Covid particles in the air.

Keeping travel-sized hand sanitiser or wipes in your carry on luggage can help you avoid picking up germs transferred from other travellers. Tissues and disposable gloves can also come in handy to help you maintain proper hygiene levels and put your mind at ease.

#3: Arriving Country Requirements

Just as the rules can change when arriving and departing the UK, other countries can also change their requirements due to changes in infection rates. Make sure you are aware of any rules regarding mandatory isolation and any associated fees.  While Australia has closed its borders and isn’t currently accepting visitors for tourism, countries across Europe allow travellers with varying levels of restrictions.

#4: Allow More Time

All the added checks and requirements will undoubtedly take longer to pass through airports and transfer services upon arrival. Allow for more time when arriving at the airport, so you aren’t rushed. Be prepared to wait for a bit to allow the staff to check what they need.

Have all of the required details to hand when you arrive to help the process go quickly and smoothly. Consider printing physical evidence and keeping them with your passport if you personally struggle to load up apps or emails when arriving at the airport. This can remove any added delays due to technical issues or confusion over your eligibility to fly.

#5: Keep Your Distance

Now restrictions have eased somewhat; it is still important to remember that the more distance you put between yourself and other passengers, the less likely you are to catch Covid from them should someone unexpectedly become ill during their travels too.  Many airports still have markings on the floor in key congestions points, so do the right thing and keep your distance.

So, follow these 5 practical tips when flying during the pandemic and you will be well on your way to staying safe. There is a big, wide world out there to explore and it can be truly magical if you take all the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe.

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