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Fun Sock Trivia – History, Superstitions, Custom Socks, & More!

Look down – are you wearing fun socks! Do you ever give much thought to your socks when dressing each day? Unless you are wearing a fun, vibrant pair of face socks or otherwise personalised socks, we suspect not!

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Well, we’re here to surprise you – those basic clothing items you possibly wear every day are much more interesting than you ever imagined. They have a long and unexpected history, are associated with some strange superstitions, and can be so much more than run-of-the-mill.

Here are some fun facts and interesting pieces of sock trivia…

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Fun Socks Trivia


Would you believe, there is a very long history for socks. Check out some of these facts!

  • As far as archaeology has thus proven, the ancient Greeks were the first people to wear socks as we recognize them, more than two thousand years ago. These earliest socks were made from matted animal hair.
  • The ancient Romans used socks that had a split toe, enabling them to be worn with sandals. So too, the ancient Egyptians wore wool socks with their sandals.
  • For many, many years, socks were a luxury item available only to the wealthiest citizens –royalty and the aristocracy. Silk socks, in particular, were prized, and in Mediaeval Europe, knee-high silk stockings were worn to express affluence.
  • English clergyman William Lee invented the stocking frame knitting machine in 1589, which brought socks and stockings to the masses.
  • During World War II, pilots wore a woman’s nylon stocking around their neck while flying for good luck.


Would you believe that some are superstitious when it comes to their socks … such as:

  • Leaving your socks tucked into shoes overnight is said to bring good luck.
  • An Old Wives’ Tale recommends that wearing wet woollen socks to bed will cure a fever. Likewise, wearing a stocking around the neck while sleeping was said to cure a sore throat.
  • If you accidentally put a sock on inside out, you should leave it that way all day to bring good luck.
  • Break a streak of bad luck by wearing a brand new pair of white socks.
  • Wear green socks to attract wealth.


There are also some fascinating things to know when it comes to socks, like:

  • Datang, China is known as “Sock City” and is the world’s top annual sock producer, manufacturing 40% of socks globally every year.
  • Socks play an important role in keeping your feet healthy – wicking sweat away. The feet each have 250,000 sweat glands – only the scalp and armpits can secrete more sweat than the feet. Furthermore, the feet can carry more than 100,000 different types of bacteria – some healthy, some not.
  • Wearing socks to bed won’t just keep your feet warm. It also improves the blood flow to your feet, reducing your core body temperature and helping you fall asleep more quickly. It minimizes insomnia and facilitates deeper, more restful slumber.
  • The design on the ankle or sides of a sock is called the “clock”.


To round out our sock trivia, how about these funny snippets of information:

  • In the USA, December 4th is National Sock Day, while in the UK, May 9th every year is National Lost Sock Memorial Day – paying tribute to all those socks we all have that are inexplicably lost to the ether, disappearing without trace or explanation from washing machines, clothes dryers, laundry baskets and sock drawers all over the UK (and let’s face it, the world). The day is celebrated by wearing intentionally mismatched socks.
  • More than 80% of young men (unintentionally?) wear mismatched socks at least once every week.
  • TIP: Prevent sock loss! Clip your paired socks together with sock clips or wash them together, enclosed in a laundry bag.
  • Personalised, custom socks are more popular than ever – with logos, cartoons, pet photos, and even face socks!

Next time you’re looking for a unique gift, an imaginative way to promote your brand or a fantastic stocking filler to get a laugh, consider a pair (or two) of personalised socks. With the right approach, you can create a bespoke offering that’s perfect for its recipient.

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