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Easy Ways to Get More Exercise into your Life

It’s probably safe to say that most of us could get more exercise. We all know how good it is for us, from helping us lose weight to boosting our mood and making us feel more confidence. However, despite the clear benefits, many of us still don’t consider it a priority and generally push it to the far corners of our minds.

get more exercise

The good news is, exercise does not always have to be such a chore. There are a few fun and easy ways to get more exercise and incorporate it into our daily lives. With that being said, here are a few simple examples for you to consider.

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#1: A Skipping Rope

If you have a little bit of outside space, then why not invest in a skipping rope to get more exercise. Spending a few minutes each day jumping over a skipping rope is a great way to boost your fitness. It is a fantastic aerobic activity that really gets the heart racing, and you can control the speed and duration you do it for. As you become better at it, you may even be able to add a few tricks into your routine.

#2: Cleaning

Cleaning isn’t exactly fun for any of us, but you can make it more fun in order to get more exercise. Switch on the music and have a little dance as you vacuum, or sweep, for example. The more movement you can get into it, the more you will sweat.  And getting a sweat on is as good an exercise as any. This is a great way to multi-task and get exercise at home.

#3: Ditch the Car

Maybe don’t ditch the car completely, but why not take more walks to the local shop or to pick the kids up from school in order to get more exercise. You could even invest in e-bikes for all the family and have a cycling adventure. If you are not particularly fit, an e-bike could be a great place to start as you do not need to actually cycle every step of the way as the motor will kick in. Cycling is not only a great aerobic activity, but it is a convenient alternative to traversing the city, which avoids lengthy traffic jams. Plus its also more environmentally friendly.

#4: Exercise Dates 

Maybe you and your partner could go for a romantic stroll rather than going to your usual favorite restaurant. Or perhaps you could go swimming or do some other form of activity such as abseiling or parachuting. If you can enlist your partner into the exercise idea, it will be easier for you and you will both benefit as a result.

#5: Recruit Your Friends 

If you feel like it is time to get fit, your friends are probably already having the same thoughts. So, why not suggest a walk or a hike?  You could even go to a dance class together rather than having that evening out or going to the coffee shop. Find something that you can really enjoy in order to get more exercise. If you can get a good friend to help you, and you help them, you will see results far sooner. You can motivate each other and create fitness goals, and the more you see results, the more motivated you will feel.

We hope these 5 simple steps will help you to get more exercise in you daily life. With just a little bit of effort and foresight, the exercise will have you feeling better all round in no time.

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