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How To Talk To Your Child After Something Scary Happens

Oh boy, haven’t we all been there? One minute, everything’s fine, and the next, something shakes up our world. And when it happens to our little ones? It can leave us feeling totally lost. Trust us, and we’ve been down that road, too, so let’s have a real parent-to-parent chat about what to do next and how to talk to your child after something scary happens.

how to talk to your child after something scary happens

How To Talk To Your Child After Something Scary Happens

First Things First: What’s Going On with Our Little Ones?

So, something scary happened. Maybe a car accident or a bad fall at the park. Every kid reacts differently, and nobody knows your child like you do. Keep an eye out for the signs that something’s not quite right, like nightmares or sudden fears. Been there, seen that!

Let’s Dish: Communication 101

Time for a Heart-to-Heart

Sit them down and let them know it’s okay to talk. Make it relaxed, as cookies-and-milk relaxed. Let them lead the way, and be there to listen. It works wonders for all.

Feelings Are Feelings, Right?

Absolutely! It’s normal for them to feel all sorts of emotions. Hug them tight and let them know you’re there. No judgment, just love.

When Hugs and Cookies Aren’t Enough: Calling in the Pros

Finding the Right Child Psychologist

Sometimes love and cookies just don’t cut it, and that’s fine. A child psychologist can be a game-changer. It’s like having a friend who really gets kids to come over to help. Trust us, it’s worth it.

The Inside Scoop

What’s a session like? Play, talk, art—fun stuff! A safe space for your child and a helping hand for you.

Keeping the Good Vibes: Building Up Our Little Ones

Making Home a Happy Place

Kids thrive on routine and love. Shower them with both and make sure you stay their rock. It’s our tried-and-true method.

All About Fun!

Board games, coloring, whatever makes them smile. Fun heals many things over time, we promise!

What About Us Parents?

We’re Important, Too!

Taking care of ourselves is also critical. Coffee with a friend or a little self-care goes a long way. You’ve earned it!

Connecting with Others

Joining support groups with parents who get it is comforting. There’s a whole world of virtual and actual hugs out there!

Looking Ahead: Long-Term Support

Building Bridges to the Future

Healing takes time, but it’s okay. Keep checking in and find that support if and when needed. After all, we’re all building towards a brighter future for our kids.

Sticking Together: The Power of Parenting

Remember, we’re all in this together. Every bump, every scare, and every ‘I don’t know what to do’ moment—it’s all part of the journey. When times get tough, recall that the love we share with our kids is the most excellent anchor we could ever have. So, let’s stick together, keep our chins up, and know that we’re doing our best for our little ones. Yes, we’ve indeed got this!

You’ve Got This, Friends!

So here’s the actual talk, dear parents. A traumatic event is just a bump in the road. We can all get through it together with some love, patience, and professional help. Take a deep breath, hug your kiddo, and know you’re rocking this parenting thing. We’ve got this!

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Shelley Whittaker

Shelley Whittaker

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