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Tips to Improve Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

Bad weather, poor maintenance and dated décor can all make the exterior of our homes look tired and unattractive, leading to poor kerb appeal.  But with a lack of time and money, it can be hard to keep our homes looking good.  So, when you finally decide to tackle your home’s exterior, it can seem like there’s an overwhelming amount of things to do.

Breaking down maintenance jobs into manageable chunks can help.  But what tasks should you be looking at first?  These helpful tips will help you improve your home’s kerb appeal, starting with the most important tasks first.

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Protect Against The Weather

Poorly maintained homes are prone to leaks and damp from rain and moisture, so it’s important to get the cause of these fixed. If damp premises are left for too long, pests start to appear and a company like will need to be called to clear the area. So, in order to stop this, roof and gutter repairs, repointing brickwork and sealing gaps around windows and doors are good places to start.

Getting your roof inspected annually by a professional will nip any potential problems in the bud.  But it’s also worth checking for damage after storms.  Looking up at your roof using some binoculars is a quick way to check for slipped or missing tiles.

Blocked and broken gutters are more problematic than you might think.  Poor maintenance of your guttering can lead to damp and mould patches appearing inside your home.  If your guttering doesn’t seem to be working very well it could be time to look at getting it all replaced.  If scaffolding is needed to make significant repairs to your guttering then it may work out just as expensive as the complete gutter replacement cost.  Get quotes for both repairs and replacement, so you can decide what will be most cost-effective.

You should also check the mortar between your brickwork.  Crumbling or missing mortar will leave gaps for water to get into your home and will definitely downgrade your home’s kerb appeal.  If there’s just a few spots that need attention you can probably repoint this yourself, but for large areas it’s worth seeking the expertise of a builder.

Time For A Spruce Up

With the major jobs ticked off and a plan to keep your home watertight, you can look at the other jobs that may need doing.

  1. The front door is hard to ignore, and peeling paint or dated uPVC can really detract from your home’s appearance.  Strip old peeling paint away from wooden doors and repaint in a fresh welcoming colour.  For dated uPVC, think about replacing for a modern and durable composite door.
  2. Tidy up your front garden, hide ugly bins out of sight and add window boxes or hanging baskets to make your house feel like a home and to add some wonderful colour.
  3. Finally, add a house name or number plate next to your front door, and make sure you have a nice outside light, ready to welcome guests.

We hope these few tips have helped inspire you to improve your home’s kerb appeal.  Whether you are looking to sell your property or just want to give it a refresh for your own enjoyment, the money and effort will be well worth it.

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