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5 Fashion Trends You Will Love (Including Akubra Hats)

The world of fashion is fast and ever-changing, but there are some pieces that trend for a long time before they get overwritten by the wave of new clothing. Trends such as akubra hats, wide-leg trousers, cat-eye sunglasses, denim, and cotton t-shirts over a turtleneck have been a hit for the last two years. And while some of them are slowly taking an exit from the spotlight, some trends are here to stay. So, here are 5 of the fashion trends for the upcoming season which we just know you are going to love!

akubra hats

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#1: Jumper Vest

Those are no longer just a staple piece for our grandparents – they’re a fashion statement. The key to making jumper vests look trendy is wearing them over an oversized shirt, not a tailored and tight one. In the case of shorter vest styles, you don’t need to tuck your shirt in – it’s trendier to let the shirt hang free loosely. You can even add a leather belt – a thin and elegant one for a more neutral look or a thick and bold one for an eye-catching outfit.

An interesting development in this fashion item this time around is that you don’t need a shirt.  You can wear the jumper vest over literally anything, and in fact, you can wear it as it is without a layer underneath. If you’re going for the latter, make sure the material of the vest is not uncomfortable on your skin.

#2: The Colour Lilac

Have you noticed, that lilac items are everywhere? Dresses, suits, bags, hats, shoes – almost any trendy outfit has a little pop of lilac colour going on. And just quietly, we love it!

It’s such a gentle, unusual colour which can be perceived very neutrally, almost as a base colour. If you’re not used to experimenting with this colour, and don’t want to stretch too much out of your comfort zone, try wearing lilac in some small details like accessories. For example, wear a hair scarf in lilac colour or some simple stud earrings.

#3: Dumpling Bag With Chunky Chain

These retro-style bags entered our lives like a storm. They say fashion repeats itself, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise these babies were given a second chance. There is just something so posh and luxurious about them, that they elevate any outfit. They’re great for a business casual outfit with lots of low-key accessories and an oversized boyfriend shirt.  Or for the “LA chill” type of vibe with cycle shorts and a crop top.

#4: Hats

Every time we think hats are gone for good, we are proven wrong!

They add a touch of that high-fashion look to any outfit and they make a person wearing them seem mysterious. An important thing here is that just like classic jackets, bags, and shoes, hats are in for the long run, so you should be more attentive with the quality you are buying. For example, a good choice would be akubra hats that you can pick from a Blowes Clothing hat collection. Just make sure you buy a staple piece which will compliment your outfits for a long time.

#5: Cat-eye Sunglasses

Maybe it started with Valeria Lipovetsky’s collection, or with Chanel classics, but one thing is certain – cat-eye sunglasses are the epitome of women’s fashion right now. You can wear them with anything as they always make sure the outfit “plays out” in the right tone. Our personal favorite is the Grace Kelly type of look with a headscarf, an elegant blouse, and a wide midi skirt. A more modern take on that look is a long silky dress tailored for your body shape, a boyfriend shoulder pad jacket, and a pair of mule sandals.

These trends are so good, we’re certain they will stay for more than just one season! So what is your favourite fashion trend this season?

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