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Making A Living Out Of Living Luxuriously

Did you know it is possible of making a living from living luxuriously?  Australia is enjoying something of an economic boom and somewhat confusingly to some, even now during the age of the “global pandemic”.  This economic boom has lead to a sharp increase in the demand for luxury goods, travel and lifestyle-enhancing options.  This in turn has created a demand for social media that is reflective of the new luxury-focused aspirational class in Australia.

making a living

So if you have a flair for fine workmanship, superior travel and seeking out experiences that are the preserve of the privileged (and you want to make money out of it), read on.

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More global citizens are exploring our lonely planet than ever before.  But as with most things in life – not all travel is created equal.  The stunning boom in property and financial markets the world over (let’s forget about 2020 for a second) has meant that more consumers than ever can afford to buy the latest handbags and designer shoes, but there is still one area that separates the men from the boys: First and Business Class Travel.

Airlines across the globe are in slit-throat competition to attract the buyers willing and able to shell out upwards of $10,000 for a round trip fare.  So, here’s where you can start making a living online.  Through affiliate marketing, you can connect the passengers with the airlines and the best deals. When a sale is made, you make a commission.  Voilà!


Just about no one that you want to do business with uses a travel agent anymore.  One of the biggest buzzwords in the marketplace right now is, concierge.  The players at the top of the game know that they’re at the top of the game and they demand the same from their service providers.

So if you have a knack for seeking out the luxe lifestyle and travel experiences that are normally out of everyone else’s reach, why not consider being a concierge yourself?  Don’t think “golden circle” concert tickets, think, backstage.  And forget about an overwater bungalow in the Maldives, think chartered yacht in Croatia. The possibilities are endless – just use your imagination!


When you’re in the market for fine workmanship, infinitely exquisite materials and one of a kind collections, you need a fournisseur that understands exactly who you are.  It’s for this reason that the well-healed have long-held personal shopping consultants as essential to their ambitions and they’re not just vanity purchases.

When you are your own brand and being distinctive at first glance could be worth millions, it’s no joke.  Luxury retailing in Australia is raking in around $4 Billion a year – and it’s continuing to grow.  So if you know how to source that which no one else can, there is a very lucrative opportunity for making a living.


So let’s knit this all together.  The luxury market is growing, and growing fast.  So is the demand for professionals who can bring this entire service together as a comprehensive offering to their clients.  Now the upper echelons marketplace is somewhat saturated but there is a space for lifestyle consultants that bridges the upper-class lifestyle with the aspirations of the upper-middle class.

But you’ll need to be smart about it and in a world that is driven by competition, your ideas are what set you apart from the rest.  So while you’re looking for partners to deliver on exacting demands, remember to take care of your interests too.  When you’re creating concept documents and value propositions, you’ll need good intellectual property lawyers to ensure that all the legal components are taken care of appropriately.

So, what do you think?  Can you start making a living from a luxe lifestyle? We look forward to seeing what you come up with!!

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