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10 Mommies On TikTok You Should Be Following

Mums on TikTok are a new and separate category of bloggers, and a very influential one by the way! As a rule, they have a dedicated and very active audience. The content is typically falls into the following categories: videos with children, husbands, various tips, mom’s life hacks, and jokes about family everyday life.

mums on tiktok

From learning how to be a modern mom from mums on TikTok or just laughing heartily at their motherhood trials and tribulations. Here’s a selection of cool accounts to subscribe to. Let’s dive in!

#1. Shannon Doherty MOM Hacks (@athomewithshannon)

A mother of four, Shannon Doherty provides the greatest DIY projects, crafts, non-trivial mom tips, and recipes. Her kid-friendly event decor is incredibly instagrammable and adds so much excitement to occasions like Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl!

#2. The Honest Mom (@diaryofanhonestmom)

This open-minded mother is dismantling the stigma associated with mental illness. She discusses trauma recovery, body love, mom guilt, mom shame, and depression. It is a therapeutic environment if you struggle with loving and accepting yourself.

#3. BeautyofBoyMom (@beautyofaboymom)

Anna is a mother of 4 boys. For moms who wish to look effortlessly elegant and stay fashionable, her style videos are just perfect! There is no trying to second guess where Anna acquired her outfits because she also links everything. Apart from style, she has absolutely wonderful hair and makeup guides.

#4. Laura | Mom Comedy (@momlifewithlaura)

Check out Laura if you’re looking for some funny mom humor. She performs hilarious mommy comedies. From some tutorials on how to prepare a great party to hilarious situations with kids, here you’ll find plenty of entertainment.

#5. KATHERINEWANTS (@katherinewants)

The best culinary videos can be found on this couple’s account. You must follow them to receive recipes that will genuinely alter the way you cook, regardless of whether you’re a parent or not. Recipes ranging from scallops with potatoes and goat cheese to beef Bourguignon are shared by Randy and Katherine.

If you watch their TikTok account from the PC web version and want to store their recipes somewhere offline, record videos with a Mac screen recorder or use other TikTok screen recording options. This way you’ll always have the recipes at hand and you can easily rewind them when necessary.

#6. Gwenna Laithland (@mommacusses)

Gwenna is a mother, comedian, and content producer who posts TikToks on her experiences as a stay-at-home parent. She is delightful to see and incredibly relatable and humorous. She writes amusing sketches, shows mom DIY projects, and reveals the differences between raising her toddler twins and her adolescent.

#7. Jessica Woo (@sulheejessica)

If “Let’s make some lunch for my kids!” is stuck in your mind, this is Jessica Woo to blame. She’s famous for imaginatively creating bento lunch boxes for her children, complete with intricate themes, cut-out fruit forms, and entertaining food options. She never makes you feel bad for not doing the same for yours, which is one of the things that makes her wholesome and awesome.

#8. The Holderness Fam (@theholdernessfamily)

Due to the buzz of their #Xmas Jammies video, which has received more than 15 million views, North Carolina parents Kim and Penn Holderness and their children became well-known online. The Holderness Family now makes humorous parodies in songs and videos about every possible area of parenting. Each 15-second clip won’t only make you laugh out loud, but it will also demonstrate how parenting is a challenge we can all relate to.

#9. Luxury Family Travel (@topflightfamily)

 The famous family from YouTube will definitely prove that traveling with children isn’t scary, but often very fun filled and exciting. They have already visited 22 cities in 2022! In their account, you’ll find a lot of tips, guides, and travel mistakes to avoid.

#10. David Ogleton (@fitdadceo)

Yep, this isn’t a mommy account, but every single time, David Ogleton gets the dad joke right. His witty humor will make you laugh, and if you tell some jokes to your children, they’ll laugh too. This father of six has his comic routine down to a short 10 seconds – perfect for entertaining busy parents!

Tips on Having Your Own Mom’s TikTok

It would seem that if you have a cute baby, a dog, and a few mommy insights, you’re a ready-made blogger mom.

But is it really so simple? If you want to gain many subscribers and make money on your mom blog, then you’ll have to treat it like a business. Devote a lot of time to content creation and promotion, come up with collaborations and constantly develop and work on mistakes.

Here are some tips on how to grow your business as an aspiring blogger or mum on TikTok.

  • Pick a hot topic. There is a big demand from the female adult audience for family psychology. You can also concentrate on something more complex like internet safety for kids, parenting tips, and more.
  • You have to rock it from the very beginning. TikTok loves beginners, but if you didn’t manage to collect 10k subscribers before 10 videos, then it will be more difficult. Deleting the video does nothing.
  • Collabs always work great. Collaborations can be a great win / win for you and the brand or personality you are working with. But choose wisely to ensure you compliment each other.
  • Be simple. Beautiful and complex content falls out of the general range and users don’t watch it. So be simpler in packaging and more complex in meaning when making your own TikTok video.

Wrap Up

There are a ton of fantastic creators and mums on TikTok, and I’ve only scratched the surface of them with this list. Don’t forget about dads and families TikTok accounts too! Please jump on in and mention the name of any accounts I missed in the comments section below!

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