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The Perfect Vinyl Flooring For Your Family Home

Luvanto: The Nation’s Popular Brand for Vinyl Flooring

Let’s just throw out some truth… People love Luvanto.

When it comes to finding that flooring for any house renovation, people are attracted to this singular brand. It’s not hard to understand why, with its spectacular real life replicating designs and numerous palettes to choose from.

There are many reasons why families are turning to luxury vinyl flooring and the Luvanto brand.

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Installing is Pretty Easy

Impressing your friends that you have done all the handiwork of installing your own vinyl flooring is sure to give you that feel good feeling.

With Luvanto it’s as simple as either gluing down or clicking together the pieces.  And with the ability to be cut the vinyl floor precisely to the size and shape of the room, there is no waste or stressful cutting of sections to worry about.

It can be a perfect DIY project for rainy weekends, or even working together as a couple to share in the joy of making your house a home. You need not be an expert to impress your family and guests with your handiwork.

Durability in All Conditions

From humidity through to drops in temperatures, vinyl flooring does not suffer from changes in the seasons.

Through winter months it is perfect to sustain underfloor heating for those cold nights in. And during the summer months, even the hottest days will not raise the vinyl flooring.  Meaning that all year round your floor maintains the same appearance and style you want.

With so many different variations to layer in your home, you have countless tones and palettes to choose from to get the look and feel just right. With Luvanto, they offer a versatile range of pattern designs such as Parquet and Herringbone, to give you a vibrant and stylish feel.

The Cleaning Complex

There is no denying, the ease of cleaning is a major component when considering installing new flooring.

So, whilst other people look into what chemicals would be required to protect their floor and others want to insure their flooring for damages, the vinyl option gives you a 35 year warranty. Luvanto vinyl flooring is easy to clean with simple warm water and soap with a sponge or mop. No more worry over troublesome spills of food or drink and dirt being trampled in.

You are also protected against seeping water through floorboards to your under floor thanks to moisture resistant technologies. These are just some of the reasons why people love Luvanto – for its longer lasting resistance on top of the countless designs, tones and palettes they offer.

Luvanto is such a hugely popular brand because of many factors at play.  But most importantly it will guarantee happiness for you and your family in your home.  This luxury vinyl flooring is a strong and reliable brand which you wont regret purchasing.

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