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5 Unique & Interesting Places to Travel

Traditional tourist destinations are no longer as interesting as they once were, as many people spend all their time in hotels and restaurants and not experiencing what places truly have to offer. Conventional beaches and roller coasters cannot satisfy the curiosity of active tourists. And town squares, museums, and galleries are places that you can visit in any city in your country. So, what if tourist want something extra special during their travels? Here are five unique and interesting places to travel to.

Places to travel

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#1: Pamukkale, Turkey

Places to travel

If you ever fly to Turkey, then you should visit Pamukkale. Here you will see thermal springs and limestone slopes that resemble giant steps. Imagine the contrast between green grass, trees, and white cascades that rise majestically hundreds of meters in height. This is an incredible sight to be seen. But you will have to prepare for a long trip by car or bus, as Pamukkale is far from the nearby towns.

In addition to the amazing limestone steps, you can visit the thermal springs and enjoy the warm water saturated with radon and minerals. It is best to plan at least a few days on your trip to experience the effects of the thermal baths. Students travelling to Pamukkale may just be tempted to ask someone, “Can you do my paper for me?” because they simply do not want to miss out on the beauty of Turkey.

#2: Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

New Zealand is a fairly popular country for many tourists. You don’t even need to look for a special location to marvel at the beauty of nature and see something special. But Waitomo Caves is truly one of the incredible places to travel. The water washed away the limestone rock over thousands of years and created an entire network of tunnels and caverns.

Amazing stalactites and stalagmites make you feel like you are on another planet. But that’s not all the amazing features of these caves. If you visit this place, you will be surprised that there are many luminous points in the tunnels and caverns. These are insects, the body of which has luminescent substances. It makes the caves look like a starry sky – doesn’t that sound amazing?!?

#3: Lake Retba, Senegal

places to travel

Senegal is known for its magnificent nature and amazing flora. Many locations are worth visiting for lovers of quiet relaxation and exploration. If you find yourself in Dakar, it is a good idea to hire a driver to help you get to Lake Retba. You will be surprised at what you see here. And do you want to know why this lake is so famous? It’s all about cyanobacteria, which live in water in large numbers. This is what makes the lake look red.

If you visit Senegal in late spring or summer, you can see the bright red water. Local adventurous people offer mini-cruises on the lake for several hours. The price is quite affordable, so you should give it a try. If you have assignments to complete whilst travelling, you can choose essay writing help online. Then nothing will distract you from your amazing journey.

#4: Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

Tourists visit Vietnam for its gorgeous beaches and rainforests. But there is one location that will make a special impression on you. Son Doong Cave is a unique natural site and is an absolute must when it comes to places to travel to. The most surprising element is the height and width of the cave. This is actually the largest cave in the world.

It can accommodate the Washington Monument or any other structure up to 200 meters (656 feet) high. The cave has an underground river and many rare plants. The crevices illuminate this place in the ceiling. Thanks to this, you can avoid using a flashlight when traveling through most of the cave. Also, all the walls are covered with moss and making it look like a green carpet.

#5: Giant’s Causeway, Ireland

places to travel

Ireland is synonymous with good beer, soccer, and beautiful nature. The last point is especially relevant for those who are looking for unique places to travel to. In which case, you should see Giant’s Causeway. These are large rocks that were formed millions of years ago by volcanic eruptions.

The main feature is the shape of the stones. The rocks look like a huge pavement or a staircase made of blocks of the same shape. At first glance, it seems incredible how nature could achieve such symmetry. This place will be especially relevant for introverts who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle and admire the surf or sunset on the coast.

Final Words

Nature is an amazing architect who creates landscapes that excite the mind. There are many other interesting places to visit, but these five locations are some of the best places to travel to in the world. All you need to do is work out the logistics so you can enjoy an incredible experience. Each of these five locations has a unique ambiance and a sense of grandeur. You should plan your trip and take at least one day to see how amazing natural landscapes can be. Safe travels!

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