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How To Create A Plus Size Office Wardrobe

Modern fashion is great because all women can be bright, memorable, stylish, and beautiful. The plus-size girl is now free to choose styles, color combinations, and prints that she feels happy and confident in. With the help of plus-size women’s clothing, you can feel your very best every day. This is very important especially when it comes to your business wardrobe.  After all, how much time do we spend in the office? That’s right, a significant part of the week!

plus size office wardrobe

So, in this article, we will figure out exactly how to make a plus size office wardrobe for women.

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Creating A Capsule Wardrobe

The first stage of creating a plus size office wardrobe is to identify the desired impression and the purpose of the capsule wardrobe. What impression do you want to make in the office? Are you serious, confident, charismatic, a team leader? Or are you reliable, soft, capable of dialogue, and can be trusted? Perhaps you are calm, reasonable, modest, or an executive? The answer to this question will affect the color scheme, combinations of prints, as well as the texture of fabrics, and the selection of accessories.

The second stage of building a wardrobe for the office is to define the appropriateness and internal corporate style. Does the company have a strict dress code fixed in the corporate policy, or is a smart casual style acceptable? Perhaps there is no dress code at all, and we can talk about urban and casual style.

The third and most important stage: analysis of the features of your individual figure. It is important to honestly answer the question about what are your best attributes and the pieces of clothing which are most flattering to you.

Only after conducting such a preliminary analysis, we can talk about common rules and recommendations for a plus size office wardrobe.

Black slims – a myth

Expand the palette of office colors.  The black color is achromatic and devoid of color pigment. This is a dense color, which at the same time, with a volumetric texture of the fabric, clear, smooth lines, can visually weigh down the silhouette.

So, what to do? Try to wear shades of color that are cold in temperature, dark, and muted in saturation.

Such colors:

  • Slim down;
  • Are neutral in terms of attracting attention; and
  • Give a psychological sense of social distance, which is great for leadership positions. No wonder the best colors for the office are soft blue, deep, muted bordeaux and red, muted green, khaki, cold beige, coffee color, cocoa and dusty pink.

On the contrary, warm, bright, pure colors visually:

  • Attract attention;
  • Create a feeling of warmth, informal, friendly atmosphere and are more suitable for representatives of creative professions, as well as those who work with people. For plus-size women, it is better to use these shades in shoes, bags and accessories.

Plus Size Office Wardrobe

Prints fit perfectly

Classic dot prints and geometric prints (sea, rhombus, cage) are perfect for the office. As prints can draw attention, be careful not to use the print in the area that you prefer to be discreet about. And also be accurate with an active and large print. By the way, a small inactive print gives the impression of small ripples, is rather neutral and suitable for all women.

Finding trousers, jeans, and a pantsuit

It is sensible to purchase a pantsuit that can be worn both together and divided into parts. In addition, choose high-quality, up-to-date, and perfectly fitting jeans and trousers. This way, they will create an excellent base for all outfits you pull together.

Add A white shirt

When choosing a white shirt for a plus size office wardrobe, it is best to choose a straight, oversize, or semi-fitting silhouette.  The material should be a dense and smooth texture, and accessories kept to a minimum.

Investing in dresses

As a rule, plus-size girls look great in dresses. Choose styles which are currently on trend and flattering to your figure. Pair it with a blazer and boots or heels for a classic corporate look.

Plus Size Office Wardrobe

Layer up

One disproportionate thing in the look can spoil the whole impression. A set is at least five things, so when compiling an office wardrobe, we think about the image as a whole: top (blouse, shirt, top, basic T-shirt), bottom (trousers, skirt, bermuda shorts, jeans), the top layer (vest, jacket), bag, shoes, accessories. Layering is a great way to mix and match your wardrobe items and still look stylish!

What about the bag?

For the office, we recommend choosing a bag of good quality, well-shaped, made of smooth, matte leather with minimum  accessories.  A medium sized bag is practical for the office and also looks professional.


As for the office shoes for plus-size girls, we choose straight stable heels, classic pumps, loafers, mules, ballet flats or boots. The main thing is to avoid thin straps that tighten the ankles, as well as a long, thin heel.  And remember, comfort is key when it comes to footwear!

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