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5 Ways To Stay Active When Working From Home

Working from home can be a great opportunity. It allows you to spend more time at home with your family and control your schedules. However, it also has its drawbacks, like finding ways to stay active when working from home. When you’re not at the office, you don’t have an incentive to get up and move around. 

stay active when working from home

So, here are some easy tips to stay active when working from home that will help keep you healthy and energised all day long.

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5 Ways To Stay Active When Working From Home

#1: Organise your Office to Make You Move More

Being more active isn’t always about fitting in strenuous exercise; it is about increasing movement altogether, and by moving around your office more, you can increase activity quickly. While it is easy to want everything you need to hand, it isn’t conducive to making you move more. Instead, spread your equipment around, so you have to move to use it.

#2: Get A Standing Desk

A standing desk can be a helpful way to get moving when you’re working from home. Standing for just two hours a day can improve your heart and bone health, strengthen your core muscles, and even make you more productive.

You can buy tabletop desks that can be adjusted so you can add them to your existing workspace and easily swap between sitting and standing during your working day.

#3: Join Online Exercise Classes

Online exercise classes are a great way to stay active when working from home. You can log on for a class whenever you want, which means that you don’t have to plan your workouts ahead of time. One drawback of online classes is that many require a subscription fee. If you’re looking for something free, try YouTube! There are plenty of videos with free workout routines that you can do while watching TV or browsing the internet.

#4: Move Every Hour

Movement is good for your health and keeps you energised. It’s easy to stay still for long periods when you’re on the computer or doing other tasks. Set a timer or alarm to go off every hour to combat this. Stand up, walk around the room, do some jumping jacks, or find something else to do that will get your blood pumping. If you’re not at work where there are people around, try to take a break from social media to avoid staying online for too long and losing track of time.

#5: Work Out Before Starting Work

One of the main benefits of working from home is having a more flexible schedule. This means you can work out in the morning before starting your day. If you’re super busy and don’t have time to work out, at least try to take a break mid-morning or after lunch to get some exercise. Maybe invest in Sardine Sport treadmills to make it easier to have a run or workout before your working day starts or even afterwards if you can’t squeeze it in during the morning.

While working from home can be a great way to help you balance work and home life, making sure you are remaining active is vital! After all, not heading to the office can significantly reduce how much you move about each day, so make sure you give your body what it needs.

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