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5 Ways to Explore STEM Subjects with Your Child

STEM subjects refers to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, and all of the subjects which fall under these categories. These are subjects which lead to excellent career prospects for young graduates and parents are strongly advised to explore them at home where possible, to help strengthen their child’s learning. Here are some suggestions from a girls’ preparatory school in London on how you can make this happen.

STEM Subjects

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#1: Talk About STEM

STEM subjects are all around us if we make sure to look for them. Next time a member of your family has a cold, see how much your child knows about the immune system and how it works. When you’re out for a drive, chat about what makes the car move. You could even share your thoughts on some current affairs, like a medical breakthrough or some severe weather warnings.

#2: Explore the Great Outdoors

Outdoor learning is a fantastic opportunity for children to engage all of their senses and develop a range of key STEM skills. They can learn about animals, plants, and other aspects of nature in a hands-on environment, which is unlike the classroom experience. So, plant some seeds, build a bug hotel, or take a walk through the woods.

#3: Play Board Games

There are lots of board games that help with maths and science. Monopoly and Operation are two examples that spring to mind. This is a really fun way of exploring STEM subjects and your child will learn without even realising it is happening.

#4: Experiment with Water

Bath time (or paddling pools for older kids) are a great way to help them learn about what happens to various items when they are dropped in water. Some items will sink, some will float, and some will become super soggy, like paper!  Experimenting with water in the home is a great way to explore STEM subjects with your children.

#5: Bake a Cake

Baking is great. It’s fun, it’s messy, and there’s a tasty treat at the end of it. Encourage your child to covert between different units of measurement, weigh their ingredients and calculate oven times. They will also have to follow instructions, which is great for their overall comprehension.

We hope these 5 simple ideas help to spark your imagination with many more interesting ways that you can explore STEM subjects with kids.  Because learning should be fun and there are opportunities all around us!

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