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7 Must Have Travel Essentials for Baby

Wondering what travel essentials for baby you will need on your first family adventure?  Well I am here to help take the stress and confusion out of it!  It’s no secret that our family has traveled a lot with our baby in her first 12 months.  She managed a total of 10 countries in her first year and during all of these travels I like to think that we learnt a few things along the way.

There are several products that we could not have lived without when we traveled with our new infant and I wanted to share these essential items to help you plan and pack for your travels with your new family.  Whenever I am packing I try to remind myself that many things you can purchase on the go so as not to stress myself if I forget them (i.e. nappies, wipes, formula, food etc.) but these items are always at the top of my packing list each time.

Baby Travel Essentials

7 Must Have Travel Essentials for Baby

#1. Baby Carrier / Sling ~ BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Air

Travel Essentials for babyIn some cities and at some events, it is far more convenient to take the baby in a carrier as opposed to a pram. For example, trying to take a pram into the grand stand at the Monaco Grand Prix with a baby would have been a nightmare.  Or, the Metro in Paris is accessible mostly only by stairs.

We purchased the BabyBjorn and have been very happy with the structure and support it provides.  It is easy to put on and strap the baby in as well as being fuss free to adjust and transfer between the parents (you may not have noticed, but hubby and I are not exactly the same size, ha!).  Note that this specific carrier is only suitable for babies above 3.5kgs, so depending on the size of your baby, it may not be suitable for the first few weeks. I also like that this can be used as a back carrier once the baby is over 12 months and it is suitable up to 3 years old.

#2: Travel Pram ~ Silver Cross Jet

travel essentials for baby

We have been big fans of the Silver Cross brand since becoming parents and so we were shamelessly excited when Silver Cross released their new travel pram, the Jet.  Wow – I wish this had been available when Mackenzie was born as it has revolutionized our lives.  This pram is suitable from birth, lies fully flat and is incredibly lightweight, meaning it is comfortable for your baby and practical for parents. And the best feature, it completely collapses down so that it fits in the overhead locker of a plane – no more checked baggage for us!  It comes with a rain cover and protective cover for stowage.

#3: Pram Cover – SnoozeShade Plus

travel essentials for baby

I cannot recommend this shade enough if you have a little one whom you want to rest whilst out and about.  Mackenzie has never slept well in her pram as there is an entire world to see, but the SnoozeShade has been my absolute lifesaver.  I have managed to get her to rest in the most unlikely of places which I truly believe would not have been possible without the SnoozeShade.  It is lightweight, practical and safe to use for your children.  Plus, it fits perfectly on all three of our Silver Cross prams!

#4: Travel Cot ~ Inovi Cocoon Folding Moses Travel Cot

travel essentials for babyThe Inovi Cocoon travel crib was a fabulous investment in our household and what I was classify as one of the travel essentials for baby. We used this crib in our room at home for the baby for the first 6 months instead of having a moses basket (saving us money and space) and it was really easy to transport when travelling.  It is lightweight and compact (less than 4kgs) and only takes a few minutes to put together.  There are no sheets or mattress protector available from the brand, but the Snuz range fits perfectly.  I recommend the following:

#5: Baby Grow ~ Bonds Wondersuit

travel essentials for baby

I think all of us could use a guide to newborn baby clothing when you become newborn parents.  But if you want an easy and failsafe option, the Wondersuits from Australian brand, Bonds, are quite possibly the best clothing option available for newborns and babies. The zip works from the top or bottom, making it easy for nappy changes, and the feet and hands can fold over meaning no need for socks or mittens (which are impossible to keep on!).

They come in a range of beautiful prints making them super fun for your little ones.  I always receive a lot of compliments whenever Mackenzie wears hers in public and it is so much easier than trying to coordinate an outfit and then trying to pack spares in your carry on.

#6: Sleeping Bag ~ GroBag

travel essentials for baby

These sleeping bags came highly recommended to me by many Mum friends. For some reason I resisted them for the first couple of months and I have no idea why!  The babies seem to settle in these GroBags with little fuss, they are a very safe sleeping option and are so much easier than trying to perfect a swaddle in your deliriously tired state of mind.  When we traveled long haul with the baby at 3 months, I put her in the newborn GroSnug and put her in the airline bassinet – she slept like a little angel for most of the flight.

#7: Portable White Noise Machine ~ SoundBub by WavHello

travel essentials for baby

We were gifted a white noise machine for the baby at Christmas.  Its not something I would have personally bought as I probably thought it was a bit of nonsense.  I still don’t know whether it helps to soothe the baby, but she does sleep very well and I do think it helps to distract her from any noises outside.  This machine is compact and charges via a USB cord.  It is one of the first things that I pack and I think it helps to provide some consistency to the bedtime routine.  Therefore, making it one of the must have travel essentials for baby.

If you loved this article about travel essentials for baby, I invite you to download my Free eGuide titled ‘An Essential Packing Guide for Traveling with your Baby 0-12 Months‘.  In the guide I provide a list of everything I pack and why, my favorite products and a printable packing list.  This should take all of the stress out of your first travels with your baby!

And if your baby has now become a toddler, check out my post with my tried and tested top 10 plane toys for toddlers.

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travel essentials for baby

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