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4 Easy Ways to Fit Travel Toiletries in your Carry-on Luggage

Packing to travel can often feel like an impossible task. Cheap flights are great, but when they come with zero baggage allowance (unless you pay an extra charge), you need to get economical with your packing.  Furthermore, packing your travel toiletries and beauty products can be one of the most challenging elements of all! Between liquid allowances and wanting to avoid the risk of spills, you’ll need to pack carefully to make sure you have exactly what you need.

travel toiletries

So, if you want to know some of the best secrets to easy packing for your next trip, here are some tips for packing your travel toiletries lightly and sustainably. 

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#1: Buy A Travel Toiletries Kit

A travel toiletries kit is a great investment if you’re travelling quite frequently. Buying a kit means you can decant your favourite products from home, and won’t have to buy additional travel sizes. What’s great about having a toiletries travel set is you can reuse them over and over again, so you’ll be doing the environment a favour by not buying excess products. Pack them in a see-through bag and make sure everything is packaged tightly to avoid leaks.

#2: Choose More Sustainable Products

When choosing which products you’re going to take away with you, it helps to think about what you use. Sustainable products make a great choice, helping you do your bit for the environment whenever you travel.

Reusable cotton pads and makeup remover cloths are a great option to take travelling, helping you save on waste wherever you are. You could also try using products like a bar of soap instead of bottles of body wash. A natural soap makes a great choice as a body or face wash, and can even work as a shampoo to help you get the most from it. Make more conscious choices about your travel toiletries to do your bit for the environment and fit within your luggage allowance.

#3: Use Multi-use Products

Multi-use product palettes make for excellent space savers, which means they are perfect for travelling. The best multi-use palettes contain products for eyes, face and lips, allowing you to create a range of makeup looks without taking your entire makeup collection with you. With just a few products, it won’t be hard to look fabulous on your travels.

#4: Create A Staple Travel Beauty Look

If you struggle with packing your travel toiletries, then you’re probably guilty of taking way too many beauty products with you. As such, overloading your suitcase and most likely taking products that go unused during your trip.

Learning how to create a simple travel beauty look will streamline the number of products you need to take and make you feel confident with your chosen look. Natural-looking makeup is very on trend right now, and also easy to recreate. Focus on glowing skin and add some colour through your lip shade – the perfect combination for all of your travel looks!

Learning to pack like a pro is a must if you’re going to travel regularly. While packing for travel with a baby requires a lot of careful planning to include the essentials, packing for yourself needs to be more disciplined. Cutting down on how many beauty products you take will lighten your luggage, and maybe make you think twice about the products you use too.

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