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All Of The Equipment & Tips You Need For Vlogging On The Go

Vlogging is an important part of YouTube culture and beyond to allow audiences a peep into your world. So, it’s important to get your vlogging on the go setup right in order to give you the best shot at sharing your message with clarity.

vlogging on the go

Great vlogging relies on how well you can capture video and audio, and how well you can connect with your audience. For that, you’ll want the best vlogging camera and vlogging equipment to help you create compelling stories. This can be tricky even in a controlled environment at home and is made harder if you’re vlogging on the go. There are however some things to keep in mind that’ll make it easier, and help you create the content you visualise.

Create high-quality content for your audience with vlogging tips beginners will benefit from, and learn about the best cameras YouTubers use with the following recommendations.

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Tips & Equipment For Vlogging On The Go

#1: Keep Your Kit Compact & Lightweight

For vlogging on the go, a lot of the cameras YouTubers use are mirrorless. This is mostly because they want high-quality footage, without having to cart around heavy gear.

As well as being lightweight, look for a mirrorless camera that has the following:

  • 4K video recording;
  • External microphone support so you can improve your audio;
  • A hot shoe or accessory shoe to hold portable lighting for the best vlog lighting setup;
  • A tilting LCD screen so you can see what you’re filming from in front of the lens; and
  • Image stabilisation to keep your shots smooth and blur-free.

If a mirrorless camera is still too big, or it doesn’t fit in your budget, you can still get great results using a compact digital camera. For vlogging, we recommend taking a look at something from the advanced compact range, as their features are incredible for something so small. While you won’t get to change lenses, you can still choose something compatible with vlogging equipment to get the sharpest footage possible.

#2: The Best Lenses For Vlogging

A wide-angle lens for vlogging is the best choice for vlogging, and you’ll want yours to be lightweight and portable, just like your camera, without skimping on performance. Thanks to the modern age, this is possible. For the best lenses for vlogging, look for the following features:

  • Suitable zoom range. A huge zoom is not generally necessary. If you are shooting POV-style vlogs, you should use a wide-angle lens to film without cropping part of your head.
  • Fast/bright maximum aperture. This is good for handheld shooting and it provides depth of field control.
  • Image stabilisation. Opt for a lens with this feature if your camera body doesn’t already have this.
  • A fast and quiet Autofocus system. You need a lens that can focus seamlessly while recording, but also one that’s quiet enough so it won’t be picked up by the microphone.

#3: Choose The Right Accessories For Vlogging

The best vlogging cameras are compatible with a range of accessories to help you get the best results. Here are the essentials of on-the-go vlogging equipment:

  • An external microphone. An external mic ensures your voice is heard clearly above the crowd and ignores the background noise you’d find when travelling.
  • Portable lighting. Avoid dark and grainy footage with a portable lighting device that can illuminate your face in dark conditions.
  • A Selfie stick, tripod, or gimbal. Achieve the best framing with that extra bit of reach or stability.
  • Spare batteries and memory cards. High-resolution video takes up heaps of space on your card and recording it can drain your battery quickly. If you’re out and about, make sure you back yourself up.

#4: General Beginner Tips For Vlogging On The Go

Now that your camera bag is full, it’s almost time to hit record, but before you do, take heed of our tips for the travelling content creator.

  • Do test shots before you film any serious content.
  • Do a second take, just in case.
  • Work with a script or storyboard. Some people can pull off impromptu vlogs, but it’s good to have a plan to have some focus and direction.
  • Be considerate of others around you when filming. Not everyone wants to star in your vlog.
  • Be ruthless when editing. Keep it short and sharp.
  • Add finishing touches. Music and text can transform your vlog.

There’s a large difference between amateur hour and vlogging excellence. Have a flick through Ted’s Photography blog to find more tips on how to capture beautiful footage and edit it to a professional vlog standard.

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