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5 Reasons to be Grateful in 2020

I’m not going to sugar coat it.  This year has not been great for anyone.  Period!  But as the year draws to an end, I wanted to end on a positive note as opposed to focusing on all the bad things that have occurred.  So, I decided to share my 5 reasons to be grateful in 2020.  These are my own reasons and experiences from this year, but I thought it might also help you to reflect on your own year and find some good amongst the chaos.  Its certainly a year that none of us will forget in our lifetimes.

So, lets do this – my 5 reasons to be grateful in 2020.

Reasons to be Grateful

#1: Our Little Girl

I look at our little girl and I could almost burst with how tremendously proud I am of her.  I feel we have been lucky in a sense that she is just a bit too young to comprehend what is happening in the world around her.  And whilst she was away from nursery for 3 months and at times it was difficult to entertain a toddler, she has taken all the rules and adjustments in her stride and accepts that it is the new normal.

These past 12 months she has blossomed into a gorgeous and confident little girl. I would have loved to have taken her on all the adventures we had planned for this year and can only dream about how much she would have enjoyed them.  However, she is none the wiser and has loved the things we have been able to do at home and locally in York.  Plus, no toddler is ever going to complain about mummy and daddy spending too much time with them.

reasons to be grateful

Photo taken by Emma Parslow of Little Sixpence Photography

#2: Making Friends With Our Neighbors

It is highly likely that we would have never made friends with our neighbors if it weren’t for lockdown.  Sure, we would smile and wave hello politely when we pass them in the street, but that would probably have been the extent of the relationship.  During lockdown, we started talking to one another from our gardens and slowly but surely, a lovely friendship group has formed.

The difference that ‘friendly neighbors‘ can make to your daily living is remarkable.  Knowing that someone has your back in terms of keeping an eye out on your house, accepting a parcel or putting the bins out for you.  There is something unique about that sense of community and its one of my reasons to be grateful in 2020.

#3: Appreciating The Slower Pace

I am the kind of person that has to-do lists for my to-do list.  As a family, we are ALWAYS BUSY.  But suddenly in March 2020, the entire world came to a grinding halt, and we all had to accept life at a slower pace.  Truth be told, not having to rush anywhere is rather nice for a little while.  It didn’t matter if Mackenzie was walking slowly during our ‘1 hour of exercise‘ or if it was raining.  We just popped on our raincoats and away we went.  We could spend the entire day in our PJs or eat breakfast in bed – the rules were out of the window.

Of course, as soon as things started to re-open then life started to resume its usual pace.  But with the ever changing landscape of this pandemic, I feel there is going to be a lot of stop / start to our ‘normal lives‘ over the next 3-6 months.  Thankfully, many of us have now learned to roll with the punches.

reasons to be grateful

#4: Turning My Blog Into A Business

I’m not entirely sure how I managed it, but somehow in the middle of a global pandemic, I was able to turn Wander & Luxe into a business and start generating an income.  Now this is by no means something that we can live on.  But it is a start.  And I must say that I am immensely proud that I have been able to build a blog from scratch.  Its definitely one of the reasons I am grateful this year, and I am excited to see where I can take it in 2021.

#5: Making Our House A Home

I spoke early in the pandemic about wanting to make our house a home.  And we certainly made good inroads on this during 2020.  Spending so much time within these 4 walls (so to speak) meant we really needed to make it feel like our own space.  There are still a few things on the to-do list, including a huge spring clean out over the Christmas holidays.  But it is so nice to feel happy and content in our home.

reasons to be grateful

So, what are your reasons to be grateful in 2020? I would love for you to share them with me in the comments below.  I realise sometimes it is hard to look past the pain and misery that this year has brought everyone.  But I think a little positive reflection is good for the soul.  Plus a healthy mindset and the getting the vaccine rollout underway is a great way to start the new year, even if things may not improve for a little while longer.  Now, here’s to preparing for a better 2021! Sending out my best wishes to you, wherever you are in the world and remember to always strive for a grateful heart.  Stay safe, Shell x

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6 Responses

  1. I definitely secretly enjoyed living life at a slower pace. Being able to go at my own speed and just take some time out from ‘normal’ day to day life has been good for me I think despite all the struggles and stress of the year #mischiefandmemories

  2. Loved reading this post, We have always tried to hang on to all the positives we have experienced this year. For me I have really enjoyed all the family time we wouldn’t have had on the usual busy rat race of recent years xx #MischiefAndMemories

  3. What a lovely list of things to be grateful for. Congratulations on turning your blog into a business! That’s exciting, and something to certainly look forward to developing. Our kitchen and bathroom underwent a big renovation, and although not entirely finished, it’s made a huge difference on making home feel even more like home 🙂 Happy New Year and thank you for joining us for the first ever #MischiefAndMemories xx

  4. Awh I loved reading this! We could all use a bit of positivity I think so I really enjoyed it. Great to have you with us on the #mischiefsandmemories linky


  5. There have been so many positives that came from adversity during 2020. I think having extra time with the children and trying to make things like birthdays fun despite lockdown restrictions have made the year memorable for positive reasons as well as the virus! Thank you for linking up with #MischiefAndMemories.

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